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Welcome to Brightwood Manor - October 23rd to November 1st, 2021


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Welcome to Brightwood Manor...


Have ye' heard tale o' the Brightwood family?

I didn't expect that you have. You see, they were among the unfortunate souls torn from whatever world this strange, new landmass came from and deposited here - nary a care to their wellbeing by this witch who looked much like our Queen! But it is said among the pages and tomes of these new lands that the Brightwood family were once wealthy and powerful.

The Brightwood daughter, Janine, is the author of many writings that detail the dark eccentricities of her family.

Like all families, skeletons lingered within the shadows of the Brightwood closets. Tales of Janine's uncle Horace were perhaps the most obvious sign that there was something amiss in the Brightwood household. Visitors would go missing, bodies were found with strange carvings upon their skin, and local livestock were discovered butchered and their entrails arranged into odd shapes. At the heart of these tales were witnesses stating that they saw Horace Brightwood in the vicinities of these ghastly crimes, black ichor oozing from his mouth and eyes. But, being wealthy means being on the right side of the law, no matter what, and the local constabulary never intervened.

If Horace was the overt darkness of the Brightwood Manor, then his brother, and Janine's father, was a much subtler miasma on the family.

Robert Brightwood wanted a son. However, he was granted a daughter and shortly after this learned that his wife could bear no other children. Left with no alternatives in his mind, Robert set himself to the task of having a son no matter what the cost.

What that entailed, I can not say for certain, though I suspect perhaps Janine wrote about it in one of her many diaries or poems that remain scattered throughout Brightwood Manor.


Do you plan to visit this place? I wouldn't, if I were you. Not if you hold your life to any value.

You surely wouldn't be the first to attempt to explore those strange halls, but the very few who have managed to leave the Manor babbled incoherently of walls of rats, torture chambers, and of horrors beyond what they could put to words. Most of these survivors only lived for several days before succumbing to some strange madness and, inevitably, death.

So you do still insist upon going inside there? Then be warned. There are twisted tales of odd spirits and dancing corpses that cast long shadows in the dead of night. Some even babbled something about a silver gate into a strange graveyard, but it made no sense.

Whatever you do, watch yourself lest you find your body is no longer your own, but in possession of Brightwood Manor.

Key Notes of the Haunted Brightwood Manor:


  • The Haunted Manor POI in your Atlas will guide you to the location.
  • To gain entry into Brightwood Manor, you must have a candy corn (ew, yuck) in your backpack and say "Trick or Treat" to the Doorman at the entrance to the Haunted Manor. Candy corn can be found on any monster in the world.
    • Players may not enter the Manor if they have recently been in PvP combat
    • Players may not enter the Manor with any pack horses or pack llamas under their control
  • Candy Corn has a chance to drop on all monsters throughout the world, both wilderness and in dungeons.


  • When you enter the Manor, you will have 60 minutes before you are automatically ejected. Use your time well!
  • You will be given time-remaining reminders at 45 minutes, 30 minutes, 15 minutes, and 5 minutes left.
  • Progression throughout the Manor is gated behind keys, riddles, puzzles, or other clues. The difficulty of creatures found scales up the further into the Manor your go.
  • When you discover a key to gain entry into another part of the Manor, the key will only be able to be used one time. When you get close to an appropriate door, the door will automatically open for you and your key will disappear.
  • Once through a key-gated door, you can freely teleport back to the previous section of the Manor by stepping into a nearby blue sparkle teleporter.
  • Keys will automatically delete themselves after 40 minutes, regardless if they are inside or outside of the Manor.
  • There are a number of rare Halloween items that cannot be found anywhere else. The locations of these items vary. Some of the items can be found early on within the Manor, while some of the more rare ones can only be found near the end.
  • These rare Halloween items can be found on monsters (certain monsters have higher chances), on spawned bones on the ground, or in locked storage crates. The rarity of finding an item, and which item you can find, depends entirely on where you are inside of the Manor.
  • The Manor is designed that if you discover its secrets, you can mostly skip to the end areas on subsequent visits without having to progress through most of the Manor.
  • There is a healer near the entrance inside of the Manor. There are no other healers within the Manor.
  • There are ghost gates located throughout the Manor.
  • Stealing and Murdering is allowed within the Manor, so be cautious and watchful.
  • Any questions, concerns, and all complaints can be directed to Expo via PM. In fact, message him directly anyway. He loves hearing from people!

Enjoy and Happy Halloween!