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  1. Vem

    Another Taming Guide

    I recently did taming in Febuary 2020 and I want to share what worked for me. I did 50-70 in a day and 5.0 gain every day after. It casually took me 1 week to hit 100 taming. *This guide is still a work in progress that I plan to complete. Version: 0.3 TL-DR 50 -> 60.0 Colossal Frog (New...
  2. Khal Drogo

    Taming Guide to 120 Animal Taming - by Khal Draco *Updated April 8th 2020*

    *** IMPORTANT *** Last Update: April 8th - Rune Library moved to larger location for future expansion! Same area, 3-screens south of the old rune library. DM me if you need a marked rune. **** I can't stress enough the importance of understanding "animal taming basics" prior to beginning your...
  3. Nibbah

    WTS Animal Lore scroll!

    WTS Animal Lore Skill Scroll @20k Discord: Nibbah#7220 Closed