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  1. AreYouKidden

    a journal entry from the Chancellor (648 AC)

    a journal entry by Avalon Alduin, Chancellor of the Academy of the Arcane Arts 648 AC I was in my library, perusing an old book on the mysteries of the void, a topic I hadn’t thought of in some time, I am reminded of when Bob Vance and I, attended a Black Mass. I shudder. I look down at that...
  2. Fara

    Drawing a steady line with a shaky hand

    Anger and hatred. These were feelings she hadn't felt for a long time. Her bardiche rose and fell. The demise of the enemies was never enough to calm her. She continued her offense in a frenzied manner again and again... Her polearm was always soaked with blood, even the rosewood handle. She got...
  3. S

    Sinfol's story - part 2 – Sick and Lost

    A continuation of the following: https://forums.uooutlands.com/index.php?threads/sinfols-story-part-1-bloodthirsty-brothers.3727/ Sinfol’s brow curled and he shook his head. He looked happily surprised but confused. “I am glad that many more of you decided to join in and share your stories but...
  4. Fara

    Fire Dancer Reborn

    Her made-up surname didn't stand for long, either the one she earned with gaining the favor of the old Friar. She was around long enough to be shortly known as Fara by the Pathfinders. Her devotion to the teachings of the Virtues and the Book of Truth was firm, yet her ambition was back, to her...