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  1. S

    GM Dexxer Tamer Series: Comparing GM Pet Teams and Dexxer Tamer Builds

    Hi everyone, I've seen much debate in Ultima Outlands about what pets to run at GM animal taming and which teams or builds are the "best" or "worst". As with many teams, one team may out perform another depending on mob choice, dungeon choice, what build the tamer runs, what aspect the tamer...
  2. Vem

    15 Minute Buff Bot Guide

    Update July 6, 2020 This template is DEAD Barding, Taste ID & Camping were NERFED... ______________ In this guide I'll tell you how to train an alt on one of your other accounts to give your main 15 minute buffs Gold cost: 5000 / Difficulty: Easy / Training Time: 3-4 days == Why You Should...
  3. Vem

    One Day Macer Guide

    In this guide I will teach you how to power game train a macer. The goal is to spend as little time getting the most out of a brand new character. This guide can be useful for new or veteran players. The only major expense with this guide will be bandages later on in the guide. However even...
  4. A

    Template Suggestion

    Hello to everyone. I'm completely new in the game. i'll play this game in pvm style and i just want to collect gold and kill some boss by myself. I don't want a char which is very difficult to play style. can you suggest me a template like this?
  5. BalrogFrog

    Add Mimics for more depth to Treasure Hunter experiences!

    Mimics have been a part of Ultima Lore since some of the very first games. They're a classic fantasy monster and I would love to see them in Outlands, where I've seen so many amazing staff created monsters already. How they would work: % chance to spawn randomly as any recently reset dungeon...