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1-5 Pet Heal Macro with bandages

1-5 heal macro that works with bandages (been in testing for about a week and its ready for prime time.)
https://github.com/gmccord333/UOOutlands/blob/master/Combat/(Tamer) BandagePets.txt

* Most injured pet close to you will be healed
* If you are outside bandage range 2 you will be warned to get closer
* Poisoned pets within spell range will immediately receive a Cure spell
* To avoid Cure spam, Cure results are not checked and only 1 Cure is used.
* Casting Cure while items are equipped will re-equip them.
* Dead pets will not be rezzed if aggro is nearby, instead the macro will switch to healthy pets for healing.
* Macro will loop itself until you stop it or run another macro
* Re-running macro will detect a previous bandage in progress and continue it.
* Works with any dex - will repeat bandages immediately on finishing one.

Huge thanks to CorruptForce for helping me test this and his suggestions. Also thanks to all my tamer friends for their testing and feedback.
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It only seems to heal the lowest pet for me, not the lowest one in range. If I am standing next to my range pet and try to heal, it will not heal if my tank is lower health... even if it is farther than a tile away. Any way to fix that?
All I did was copy and paste, and I am using 2 pets.