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23rd Official Jousting Tournament - Sat. March 23rd at 9PM ET


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The 23rd Official Jousting Tournament will be held on Saturday, March 23rd at 9PM ET! All Noblepersons are invited to partake in the most chivalrous of competitions... the Joust! How does your RNG stack up against your foes?

How Do I Participate?
  • All Knights are required to:
    • Bring their own Jousting Lances and Jousting Shields, which are crafted by skilled Carpenters and Blacksmiths
    • Be mounted on a steed
  • Spectators are welcome to join the festivities
  • Signups are available one hour before the tournament begins
  • Only one entry per OutlandsID


  • Visit any Public Moongate and select the Jousting Arena
  • Double-click the Jousting Tournament Stone to purchase Jousting Credits
    • Players can purchase 10 Jousting Credits for 1000 Gold
    • Tournament Entry costs 10 Jousting Credits
  • Click on Available Tournaments and sign up to participate

What Are The Prizes?
The winner of the 23rd Official Tournament will win:
  • The Golden Jousting Lance
  • 25 Prevalia Coins
  • Plaque with the winning Knight's name
Congrats to Sticky Whitefly on winning the 23rd Official Jousting Tournament!