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24 Hour Egg Hunt - Begins Sunday, April 21st at 12pm EST


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Find Hidden Eggs Throughout the World to Earn Event Points!
The Unseen Bunnies of the Outlands will surface to u
nload their prized eggs throughout the world, beginning Sunday, April 21st at 12pm EST.
  • Eggs are hidden until a player walks nearby (visual and audio cue on discovery)
  • Eggs will spawn randomly in one of our unique hues
  • Eggs found in the wilderness/dungeons will spawn an event creature
  • Eggs found in town will not spawn an event creature
  • Once the event creature is slain, the Egg can be picked up
  • Double-click the Egg to receive an Ankh Token type reward (and keep the Egg for deco afterwards)
  • Picking up an Egg counts as +1 Event Score
  • Type [eventscore to see your progress
  • When the event ends, any remaining eggs will be removed from the world
  • There are 252 Eggs hidden within towns, dungeons, points of interest, etc. EXPLORE!


Once the event has finished (Monday, April 22nd at 12pm EST), any remaining Eggs will forever disappear. The top 3 players with the most Event Points will be able to select unique rewards (pictured below):

  • 1st place may choose 3 rewards
  • 2nd place may choose 2 rewards
  • 3rd place may choose 1 reward

Happy Hunting!

Available on the Prevalia Merchant:
  • Limited Edition (never to be seen again) Potted Plants
  • Hue 2816
  • Can only be purchased with Gold
  • Available until Saturday, April 27


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  • The Egg can be found where the bunny spawned, not where it was killed
  • The Egg does NOT spawn on the corpse
  • The Egg can be seen using CTRL SHIFT after you slay a bunny
  • Be careful for Egg thieves!