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A few current issues with the present faction struggle event.

1. Currently the only map that is playing in rotation is Prevalia, it's skipping other big cities such as Cambria and Andaria.
2. Sometimes the struggle points/flags do not appear until you stand on them and with the new spots, this can be confusing.
3. People who want to play in struggles but miss the gate by X amount of minutes are often deterred from it altogether, perhaps they could be placed on a waiting list-type spawn system.
4. At present, participants of struggles are constantly being guard whacked.
5. Participants outside of faction struggles are currently able to attack participants within the struggle. This causes an unfair advantage during unmounted struggles.
6. Not sure how to recreate but all factioners disappeared for one person.

There may be some others I am overlooking, feel free to add to the list!
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Thanks for your feedback, we will take it all into consideration.

Edit: Luthius confirmed this is all on his development list to fix.