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A few poison builds.


I really like poisoning in UO and wanted to share a couple of templates that I have used so far. I got started on Outlands two weeks ago so I suppose they are technically 'viable' starter outfits.


Nox Tank - 700pts (720)
100 Parry
100 Resist
100 Taste ID (120)
120 Poisoning
100 Fencing
80 Anatomy
100 Healing

Aspect: Poison

Overview: get up in the mobs face and start that Poison ticking. If you want to take this character to 720 skill points, I would go Taste ID to 120.

Pros: Tanky, can solo many difficult mobs with a little bit of patience, difficult to PK.

Cons: Less overall damage than comparable dexxer templates as we pick up so many defensive skills. Dropped tactics for parry, which I still think is worthwhile but that's up for debate.


Nox Disc Summoner - 700pts
100 Spirit Speak
100 Poisoning
100 Taste ID
100 Magery
100 Meditation
100 Music
100 Discordance

Aspect: none, or Poison

Overview: I didn't bother with an Aspect on this character as it was mainly funding my Nox Tank. Typical summoner with addition of Poison and Discordance. Efficient dmg/casts per mob, cast poison once on mob, let summons do the rest, Spirit Speak after to fill that summon stone. Discordance makes our poison and summons do more damage.

Pros: very cheap for relative damage output, which is a typical trait of summoners.

Cons: little in the way of defense, mainly overworld farming to escape on horseback.


Any thoughts or input appreciated, and further questions I will try to answer as I can. These templates were made with solo-play in mind.