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Add-on to current houses.


Explore the idea of making 8x8 housing available in 2 story versions. Some with an actual second story, some with perhaps just a rooftop.

Either purchasable by deed, or upgrade through the house sign.

I think it would be a fair middle ground for folks that feel "stuck" in an 8x8, or perhaps folks that just don't want a huge home.

As far as the current housing issue, one thought would be to go down rather than adding landmass. Perhaps a system of caves under the ocean or something of that nature, that it is only possible to place up to 8x8 homes, for IPs that have no homes linked to them.

Newer players would be able to have a chance to place a home, and work toward purchasing something larger above ground someday, or just stay in the cave slums.

If they purchase something above ground, the 8x8 would go into condemned status giving them 24 hours to move to their new home, they must give away the 8x8 to another new player or the home will fall and be available for placement.

I understand that the Inn system was created for new players mainly, but folks just want the feeling of owning their own home.

Also, none of the above applies to me, just thinking out loud is all.
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