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Adventure Time on UO Outlands


Hail all and happy hunting!

Adventure Time is alive and well on Outlands and doesn't really care about recruiting! If what follows sounds suited for you, by all means, get in touch or come party with us and get acquainted. Just going to lay out some basics here as a reference point for anyone curious about what we're about here on UO Outlands.

We are a guild of people who enjoy this game and play at our own paces. There is no requirement to join every party or guild function. Play your game and have fun, but remember, we like to party. When you pop online and you're ready to go out, safety is in numbers. Use the guild chat or rally up in Discord to see if anyone's down to join in. If you want to go solo more often than not (no judging) don't be surprised if your rate of survival is impacted.

The people most welcome in Adventure Time are those most likely to be of good character, in game. Who you are in other channels (forums, Discord, etc) matters not in relation to how you play the game. I'm a jerk quite often in such channels but in game, I seek to enjoy the play and help as many others do the same as possible. Guiding new players and taking the slow hunts is one my favorite pass times. I like to farm my way into and out of dungeons killing everything along the way. You never know when you'll get a special loot drop from a low end mob. That's just part of the adventure!

We are not, and will not be, a murdering, grief guild but that's not to say you can't murder anyone. Rules/notoriety are not always in accordance with justice and what's good and right. If someone is giving you a hard time in game and you dirt them for it, that's on them. Just burn your counts accordingly so you don't go red (72 hours per count). We may or may not have reds in the guild but if we do, they will be expected to not prey on the weak. Such dealings are shameful and will not be tolerated.

We have a very small roster at the moment and growth will come naturally. I will be doing no serious recruiting but I welcome anyone interested to get in touch and chat about membership. We will be doing PvM and PvP events alike. We are very dexxer heavy but I'm not here to tell anyone what to play either. We have bards and tamers as well, I just prefer my dexxers more often than anything.

Cheers and shmowzow!