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Anti-RK/Anti-Flag camp mechanics [PVP]

Res-killing during events has become rampant to the point of multiple individuals camping healers just to get points from res-killing.

1) A suggestion to counter this would be to grant new-res players a 10-15 sec invulnerability period where they can not loot,attack, heal or invisibility. This suggestion is simply to allow them to run to either the bank to get recall reagents, camp travel away, or meditate long enough to recall out so they can restock without being res killed again.

Camping Siege Flags has also become rampant and dis-encouraging while people still experience issues with flagging to begin with.

2) Much like the above suggestion, this suggestion is of a similar caliber. Recently it has become an issue again with flagging where you click the flag, (have it set to a macro to click) and it not registering the clicks for the whole party causing half the party to be engaged and the other half not able to get into the battle. This has either provoked the exploitation of this or is simply a byproduct of the point system but pre-flagged groups are now camping both Flag points(door & flag) to get a jump on the first few kills which then is usually proceeded by res killing. One way to prevent this would be to add a 10-15 sec invulnerability period after flagging where you cannot loot, attack, heal, hide, or steal allowing your team the time to have everyone flag without running into issues or recalling out if issues do arise.
Most players would abuse being alive and having immunity timers, just to wait for back-up to show and then burst dump. Don't accept res until the coast is clear, if not. you're just dead :p if it were a timer for immunity, it would have to be like 5 seconds max otherwise it would create some abuse mechanics.. This community isn't the nicest when it comes to this and I can see now... if it's a mechanic that CAN be abused, then these people will abuse it 100%.