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Archery Training Razor Script


Raises Archery through the use of backstab which increases your skill gain chance by a lot. (at 86 archery my skill gain chance was 24% vs 2%)
Your character will attempt to backstab a zoo creature every 20 seconds.
Uses far less ammo than trying to train without backstab.
Semi-AFK due to zoo creatures sometimes disappearing.
Also trains Tactics along side Archery.

100 Hiding
100 Stealth
extra Heavy Crossbows

You will need to create a Script Variable for the 'monster' by adding a mobile you'll be attacking at Prevalia Zoo. Name it monster
Extra 100ms wait to account for latency. If your latency is 200+ you may need to increases the wait times for it to function smoothly.
//100 hiding 100 stealth
//Lots of Bolts
//Extra Heavy Crossbows
if lhandempty
    dclicktype 0x13FD
    wait 600
skill 'hiding'
//Add another 100ms if you -
//get must wait system message
wait 10100
skill 'stealth'
hotkey 'Toggle War/Peace'
wait 500
//Create Script Variable
//add Zoo mobile, name monster
attack 'monster'
wait 100
hotkey 'Toggle War/Peace'
wait 9500
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It should cost 5000-6000 bolts using overweight low dex/low stamina method with heavy xbows

Roughly 2-3k bolts using stealth method. Make sure to use a heavy xbow and if desired lower dex/stamina