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[AutoStealth dont work

It seems that [AutoStealth dont work correctly.
No matter it enabled or disabled - first step will reveal character if Stealth skill don't used manually.
I had the same issue when I started stealthing, but totally forgot I had "always run" checked. My first step was a RUN, so I always broke stealth :) Unchecking it fixed the problem.

I have disabled this option. If Always Run option checked - character can't stealth any way. Will be revealed even after manual use stealth.

I noticed that if I use Stealth manually - always works fine but any other way reveal me.
May I offer you two scenarios?

First, stealth kicks in automatically once you have a successful Hiding attempt, and will grant you stealth steps granted you have the skill and you walk slowly, and don't bump into any hostiles.


Second, there are some mechanics in game (like passing through some moongates) that make it seem as though you are hidden, but you are in fact just not visible. If you want to stealth from here, you need to successfully Hide first, as shown in this example of me using the Town Moongate to jump back onto Shelter Island.


I can't say what your specific circumstances might be, but the mechanic does work as intended. Hope this helps.
Actually, I found the reason.

On UOOutlands there is few seconds between succesful Hiding attempt and system message "you feel hidden comfortable enough to stealth" (or something like that) and player can move only after that. I don't measured but its about 5-10 seconds.

I think this mechanics kills Hiding+Stealth in any battle or thief gameplay because 5 sec is too much and any active player can reveal you twice
during this time because he knows point where you stay for 5 sec.

And second, you can make one extra step after use Hiding because of lags or something else and reveal yourself ))
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Stealth sux here, said that for a while now.

This [AutoStealth ("command"? You have to type?) is new though since last I played which was a month or more ago.

EDIT:- [AutoStealth is on by default I am told in Discord and from what else I'm told Stealth is the same as b4, annoying :-/
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Let us remember what happened the last time someone messed with stealth mechanics, it literally killed the shard in a matter of days.
I say leave it as it is right now, you shouldn't be able to round a corner, hide, and stealth away to safety in 1 second. On other servers you need to wait the full 12 second delay after hiding.
Wow no wonder no one use hide and stealth is there is such mechanic that you need to wait forever for using it , it take up 2 skill slots from a build ( 200 out of 700 skills points ) to be totally useless ! Its the first time over 20 year that played uo and seen it work that way , i also think that i kills the concept of stealthing .

We need to take in account that there is the detect hidden , tracking amd reveal spell that can be used againts the stealthing player , also the invisible spell that can instantantly to hide you .
I personally have hide/stealth on two different characters, a stealth dungeon picker, and a PvM stealth shadow macer, I always found it was soo overpowered on other shards, that a player could steal something, bolt 8 steps, and hide, then start stealthing immediately... or get around a corner after attacking someone, and start stealthing immediately. I feel like hide/stealth has a nice balance here, you get more steps at 120, and if you use it right, it can be a lot of fun.
Not sure its really useful , i like the fact that you can have backstab mechanic and augmented poison etc ... But it just take to much time to between hide attempts and stealth and also that you need to absolutely rehide before the count rech zero else you get revealed instead of automaticly reusing the skill . I wanted a rogue that picklock in dungeons but i was obligated to figh my way since monster have a very large intant agro zone and the way stealth worked didnt worked to help me kept being hidden.