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Give your thoughts on it. Better or worse than the current design, and why.

Music skills would not fail.
Music skills would have 10 seconds base duration. They would be independent of Musicianship.
Multiple of the same Music skills on the mob, would have their effect be doubled.

Musicianship: every 10 of its skill points would increase Barding skills' duration by 5 seconds.
Peacemaking: reduces mob's damage by 50% at Legend, instead of immobilizing.
Discordance: increases damage dealt against mobs by 25%.
Provocation: increases a mob's damage by 50% and has it (and only it) attack another.

Peacemaking + Discord on the mob: 50% reduction to its damage, 37.5% increased damage dealt to it.

Peacemaking + Provocation on the mob: 62.5% increase to its attack & cast speeds, 62.5% increase to its damage.

Multiple Peacemakings on the mob: 50% reduction to its damage, 50% reduction to its attack & cast speeds.


(The values aren't necessarily final.)

Reasons for the suggestion:

Completely immobilizing mobs is OP.
300+ Skill point requirement weakens Bards.
The skillset is currently quite inflexible.
Only one Bard can be effective on a mob.
Skill failure is frustrating.

The musicskills are meant to provide bonuses almost as strong as regular skills (tracking, etc.), but stronger in parties, since they affect all damage sources.

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300+ points that give you free GM wrestle and resist, this should not work on pvm...

a buff to defend agaisnt pks? right, but for pvm its just stupid, mostly because free GM resist, the wrestle just has some use if someone disarm the bard, if its a dexxer, but a mage bard its different, like a tamer bard its now a pvp tamer if he dont flag

either way barding breaks came to avoid the full imobilization

and i would never agree with "Music skills would not fail."



Currently they've failure chance to compensate for their strength. Normally (in games--as they'd not be as strong), they'd not.

Barding Break is a nice little addition, but not present most of the time, weakens the mob, and forces additional Barding attempts.