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Basic Tutorial for Large Scale PvP: Town Struggle and other PvP events


I've made a video for players who are interested in participating in large scale PvP here on Outlands. Feel free to respond with questions or comments.

You can view the video here.

Important take aways below.

1. Use a strength potion to keep your max hp at 120 at all times.

2. Keep magic reflect up at all times.

3. Activate the drag-select option in ClassicUO.

4. Gather all participants’ health bars before the teams are set.

5. Once teams are set organize all enemy bars into a single stack so you can easily transfer it around your screen as you move. Alphebatizing the bars can be helpful in large games.

6. Follow the instructions of whoever is making calls. Common terms:

a. “Load rails” is casting and hold the cursor of a spell that deals damage quickly. Ebolt is recommended.

b. “Load fulls” is casting an explosion.

c. “Drop” or “now” is the call to cast the loaded spell on the target.

d. “Hold” means to not drop a spell but only hold the precast spell and wait for instructions.

e. “Kite” is to move away from the enemy so they cannot cast spells on your team.

f. “Push” its move toward the enemy so you can cast spells on them.

g. “Load for X target” is to load a spell and set your last target as soon as possible, but don’t drop the spell on the target until the call.

7. Equipment:

a. Minimum 10 trapped pouches.

b. Minimum 15 heal potions

c. Minimum 10 strength potions

d. Minimum 1 refresh potion

e. Minimum 10 cure potions

f. Adventurer’s rope with at least 10 charges

g. GM regular leather

h. GM regular weapons

8. Hotkeys:

a. Spells:

i. Energy Bolt

ii. Greater heal

iii. Teleport

iv. Magic reflection

v. Advanced:

1. Wall of stone

2. Paralyze

3. Weaken

b. Last target

c. Target self

d. Set last target

e. Target next enemy humanoid

f. Equip weapon

g. Attack last target

h. Use rope

i. Drunk cure/heal/refresh/strength potion
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