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Black Mass this Friday (the 17th) at 8pm EST.


A call echoes through the nether realm.

There shall be a Black Mass this Friday at 8pm EST. To attend, walk through the black moongate that will appear in this unholy circle.

black mass invite.jpg

It will be found 10 minutes prior to the event and will remain open until the event ends. For those who cannot read the map, 'tis just NW of the Honesty Shrine outside Outpost.

Once the sermon has concluded, there will be a raid on the virtuous.

The call fades away into the Void.

TIME: Friday, April 17th at 8pm EST.
LOCATION: Follow the black moongate that will appear at 7:50pm EST and that will remain until the event has concluded.

Do not bring anything with you that you are afraid to lose -- this event is open to all and may not take place in a guarded area!


Sir Rendlesham, the Commander of the Knight's Guild finds himself entranced by the abhorrent words of darkness he finds in the Knight's HQ Mailbox one brisk morning... Its' words besiege his mind with curiosity and intrigue, but as he reaches the last page one word is written large and boldly in blood...... "ETHENG!"

Just before he closes the book the crudely written words begin to glow as cinders of fire and he feels a heaviness begin to overcome his arm with the book resting in his hand. He quickly closes it and looks around to see if he is being watched before rushing the book inside the castle to their maesters who would begin research it's mysteriously dark poetry.. His old age catches up to him with all of the excitement and he takes his rest in bed just after the sun had risen; for lo, this knight had seen much better days in his youth.

As he lays still in his bed and the wheeze in his lungs reminds him of his mortality, his thoughts are consumed by the words written in that book and beckon him to find out more... Rumors of a Black Mass have been heard by the truest of scoundrels in the land, and these rumors remind him of the words in that book.. maybe they have some correlation.. "We should investigate" he thinks to himself... "We need to know.."

As his mind obsesses, he drifts asleep and his frail body relaxes giving this old knight just two days to prepare himself for an adventure.