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GUIDE Blaise's Razor Macro CUO Settings Library for UOO


I tend to get asked for macros or help with macros in Razor (or CUO Assist) on a fairly regular basis. I've decided to start sharing what I make that's specific to UOOL and I'll just keep adding to this as I go along.

Thread edit/update: I've deleted my trash original mining macro and will just paste in screenshots of macros I have built or been asked for help with. So here goes, starting with a simple summon macro:
Water Elemental Summon and Meditate:

Campout macro (based on 120 Camping skill, with a bedroll. Logs you out anywhere but a dungeon in 6 seconds)

Simple Lumberjack Macro (retarget hatchet on the top line whenever you break one)

Simple Mining macro. Based on 120 Camping (adjust Ore Count to suit your capacity) and using the Display/Counters tab Ore counter.
Organizer Agent 02 Hot Bag set to my pack animal.
In Options, Speech & Messages, check Show Overhead Messages and set yours to suit (second image)

Buff and bandage macro:
I use this on all of my dexxers. The Shield line just accounts for the parry dexxers who all have Dress Items for their shield named Shield. This gets me all potioned up and healing for the additional 20 STR. With 40+ Alchemy the buffs last for around 5 minutes.

Relatively simple potion crafting macro: This will craft the last type of potion you made, until your shelf runs out of resources to craft it, while putting all crafted potions back into the shelf every 10 iterations. The top line is double clicking the shelf, then Resupply, the bottom step is double clicking the shelf and Restock, then targeting self to push everything back in.

Here are some settings I enjoy having for better clarity when things are getting hectic. The first is for when someone is attempting to heal me with a bandage so I know it's happening more easily. Very handy for dexxer parties. The second is when I land a hamstring attempt on a target so if I want to follow up with a weapon change or what have you, it's easier to see.

Here's a fishing macro I made trying to help someone. I don't even fish but here ya go. Make a Dress Item for your fishing pole, add a pole and convert to By Type.


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Are there advantages to using UO Steam over Razor? I used to use Razor back when I played on T2A, but would like to know more about the differences.

Herman Miller

I tried steam in the past when playing an archer mage. The only feature I personally found beneficial using steam was the cycling of targets...

With razor, you are your own limitation. I wouldn't recommend it here, but with razor you can practically code your character to play itself and walk away.

AFK farming entire forests and mining hotspots used to be easily done. I still have a few loops coded for TG style multi box combat as well as gate turret archery. Again I wouldn't recommend using these though.


hx for this
What are fastest possible attemt timer on, mining lumberjacking and fishing? (lowest pause)