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Bloodrock Clan, Boulderfist Clan, Bloodclan, the Dark Elves & Dynasty of Flame vs Legions of Darkness! RP-PvP event.

Bloodrock Clan, Boulderfist Clan, Bloodclan, The Dark Elves & Dynasty of Flame vs Legions of Darkness Saturday 6th of July 2019 at 10 EST.​

A dark pact, da Pakt ob Zu'utah (the Pact of Darkness in Bloodrock tongue) was struck between the Orchish clans, the Drow and Undead almost 4 months ago. (following Erik Gray's timeline). The Klerggoth and the Lead Eldur of the Bloodrock Clan, The Warbozz of Boulderfist and Bloodclan, The Matron Mother of the Drow and the Tomb Guardian Commander of the Undead all agreed to unite - to rain hell and destruction upon the Human race and their allies. (aid each other in warring struggles and tackle end-game PvM content together)

Reports from orchish scouts reveal that a large castle, full of shinez and bludgelt stands undefended in the land of Avadon. Bonded together by greed and revenge, da Pakt ob Zu'utah, marches together!
Sharpen your blade, poison your kryss and load your crossbow with armor-piercing bolts! This Saturday at 9 EST we gather our forces at the Bloodrock Clan Orc Fort! The Bloodrock Clan, Bloodclan, Boulderfist Clan, The Drow and the Dynasty of Flame will fight together versus Legions of Darkness! Battle will begin at 10 EST - if you are not at the Fort when we roll out, you are out!
If you thought the Battle at Nusero Castle was insane - this will be right up in that scale! Our battlefield will be 31 x 31 covering 4 floors!

"EE Klerggoth ob da Bludchok Hai! Ee blah tu eberi ise Uruk, Zu'ut Ul'bah agh Deddiez ouwt dehr! Uz hab dizagreementz in pazt - uz whyl hab dizagreementz in futuhr - But diz muun uz ztand tugedd'r az Ise!
Da zmelli uman Kultizt uz abouwt tu rayd hab taykin bludgelt agh attak uz hutz - diz muun uz tayk revenge! Uz guink tu baffh in Oomieblud agh da Bludgelt koffr'z guink to float ov'r wiff Shiniez! CHOOOOOM DA OOMIEZ! BLUD FUR KRENBLUK! BLUD AGH SAKRYFYZIIZ FUR WATEBER UU BLAH TUU! NOOOOOOOOOOOOGRAH! *Charges forward, raising the Bloodrock Clan banner high into the air*"

The Rules of Engagement agreed upon during the event --

If we get wiped, we will ress up - recover and fight again on the second and third floor. There will be 3 rounds of combat or if 1x hour and 30x minutes pass the Invaders stand victorious.

Here are the Rules of Engagement:

#1 no banning the enemies. This is for fun and pvp practice, don’t ruin it by banning them.

#2 don’t give murder counts to the players taking part in this event.

#3 don’t loot the enemies, it will slow down them resetting and they won’t have anything spectacular to loot anyway.

#4 only gm level pets will be used during the fight! (If I see some phoenix's I will klomp them and eat them for a protean rich meal at the Fort!)

#5 there will be NO marking of runes during the event!

#6 no mounts! Also we must stay on the floor we are battling for or below it.

#7 both sides are allowed to ressurect dead players during combat! In the heat of battle reskilling might occur, don't complain about it! (in roleplaying terms we call it that your character is knocked unconsious, not permanently killed.)

#8 failure to follow these rules will lead to ban from future events! (we are only human.. erm orcs... erm drow.. erm undead! you know what I mean.. mistakes may happend!)

To sum it up...:

*1 There will be at least 3x rounds of battle. If LoD wins the first round, da Pakt resses up and move to the second floor. When both sides are ready, battle will begin again. If LoD wins the second round, the same procedure as during the first. The Invaders ress up and retreat back to the 3rd and final floor! (In roleplaying terms LoD pushes the Invaders back with every win - and finally repelling the invaders if they win 3rd round)

*2 The Invaders win if 1x hour and 30x minutes passes. If the battle is still going strong at that mark - we WILL continue fighting. When Bargtohk, representing the Invaders - and Blackdragon, representing Legions of Darkness - agree that the fight is over, it is over!

*3 There will be no looting, NO marking of runes, no mounts and no murder counts given. (We will request War before the event, so we all should be orange to each other.)

4* There will only be GM skill and below animal companions during the fight.

5* Have some fun, ladies and gentlemen!


What a wonderful idea! Please do take plenty of screenshots!

Edit: Also, I updated the timeline to include the signing of the Da Pakt ob Zu'utah. What does this ultimately mean for the people of the realm? Who will rise up to stop this new, powerful force?
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