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Bloodrock Clan Orcs are recruiting!


To begin, I will explain what an orc is. An orc is a humanoid made up from the imagination of JRR Tolkien. An orc is about the size of a human (6 foot). Some are larger and praised for being so while some are smaller and shunned for not growing to a grand stature. Orcs tend to have yellow or red eyes. This is a race that strives for war and that is basically all they do besides party. Known to attack human towns just for fun, thier love for war and destroying things is almost unmatched. Attacking mostly by only weapon and warg (large wolves), orcs swarm thier enemies with numbers and strength. Honorable duel? Orcs know no honor. If you want to fight, you will be fighting the entire clan. Rarely working together well as a team, the orcish hordes can be defeated by even odds that use tactics. These monsters know one command: Charge!

There are many definitions of how an orc should be and what they use or how they act, etc, but we try to find a neutral ground. Taking some from J.R.R. Tolkien's view of orcs, Dungeons and Dragons view, and Ultima's view, we have established what we feel is a comprimise. We have orcish mages, captains, and lords just like orcs in Ultima. We have also taken up using mainly clubs, two handed axes, ring armor, and orc helms like orcs do in Ultima. On the other hand, we tame and use wolves like usually heard about in the Lord of the Rings books. Our language is based on the LoR books format of speech but without the standard words. In LoR orcish black speech, they would say, "ash" meaning 'one'. Bloodrock says, "ise" meaning 'one' aswell. In Ultima, the orcs would just say, "one" without any orcish language to it. In Dungeons and Dragons, orcs usually know the standard orcish language aswell as a common language that almost all races know. Bloodrock also uses a common tongue to speak and understand the humans and other races sometimes. As you can see, we have blended to find a neutral ground.

Now onto the game, Ultima Online. In UO, there is the common monster that everyone gets used to fighting. Battling the forces of evil can be fun for a while but you begin to grow bored with the intelligence of your opponents. Monsters in Ultima Online tend to get stuck behind rocks, they don't heal themselves or each other, you can't taunt them, etc, etc. Basically, they just aren't real enough. That is where we come in.

The Bloodrock Clan is a guild of players that feel that playing the role of a monster is fun and could increase the fun of the people that fight us or just generally roleplay with us. We offer an advanced monster that will talk to you, taunt you, harrass you, bargain with you, and even attack you with fierce brutality. We are attempting to take the realism of Dungeons and Dragons, and bring it into an arcade-like world. No longer will you just walk and pin an orc behind a rock. Now you will see the orc run around the rock screaming war cries while getting ready to bury his axe into your torso. We are bringing realism where there formally wasn't any.
To end, we are attempting to make the game funner for everyone. For the roleplaying community, the player-vs-player fighters, and ourselves.

*Note: In order to participate in our wars and activities, you must be in a guild that is at war with us. Ultima Online rules restricts us from playing realistic monsters unless the people we deal with are at war with us. So in other words, declare war on the Bloodrock Clan and join the fun.*

www.Bloodrockclan.com <-- website
https://discord.gg/BQEkBjx <-- Jump in our discord!