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Cambria 2 Story Villa, Massive Lot - Make an offer

Hey. I have a 2 story Villa right on the beaten path. You could throw up a potion vendor on the steps. Peak hours = PvP area

Make an offer

I have confirmed that the lot will fit the following houses:

Andarian Abode
Andarian Barn
Andarian Block House
Andarian Bluestone and Slate
Andarian Merchant's Residence
Andarian Merchant's Villa
Andarian Residence
Andarian Simple Wood And Plaster
Andarian Two Story House
Andarian Veranda East
Brick and Plaster Square House
Cambrian City Shoppe
Cambrian Large House
Cambrian Manor
Cambrian Residence With Balcony
Cambrian Sandstone Cellar
Cambrian Villa
Cambrian Villa With Balcony
Caravan Wagon
Caravan Wagon East
Desert Tower
Farmlands Ranch House
Farmlands Two Story Ranch House
Fieldstone And Plaster Half Shoppe
Fieldstone And Plaster Shoppe
Fieldstone And Plaster Square House
Fieldstone And Plaster Ranch House
Fieldstone And Slate Ranch House
Frontier Log House
Frontier Shoppe
GreyBrick Residence
Lightstone And Beam Square House
Lightstone Small Fortress
Log Cabin
Mages Tower
Marble Redoubt
Marble Square House
Medium Stone Tower East
Palisade Blockhouse
Palisade Outpost
Palisade Scout Tower
Palisade Tower
Red Brick Square House
Red Brick Steeple
Rural Cottage
Rural Shoppe
Rural Villa
Sandstone And Shingle Square House
Sandstone Fort
Sandstone Patio
Sandstone Redoubt
Sandstone Stained Glass Villa
Small Andarian Blockhouse
Small Andarian Stone House
Small Andarian Stone House East
Small Brick And Plaster
Small Brick House
Small Field Stone House
Small Frontier Cabin
Small Lightstone House
Small Log House
Small Marble Workshop
Small Red Brick House
Small Shingled House
Small Stone And Plaster House
Small Stone Tower
Small Stone Workshop
Small Thatched House
Small Wood And Plaster House
Small Wooden House
Spired Slate And Plaster Two Story House
Stone And Slate Square House
Stone Shoppe
Stone Square House
Two Story Villa
Windmill House
Wooden Eyelid Square House
Wooden Square House