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Cambrian Pillared Manor


Some of the houses have the right to lock stuff or have vendors outside of the house under stairs or porches, like here:

We bought a large Cambrian Pillared Manor to make a very large shop in the same concept of the one above. But surprise ! you can't place any vendor in the spot between the pillars and even between them and the house.


Would you consider fixing this issue ?
Thank you,
There's a number of housing foot prints that aren't square that it'd be great if we could lock down vendors, plants, and other deco - we've gotten a fair bit of neat deco at different events, that just don't belong inside a house ,and yet we can't show it off... Even if it was just being able to lock down non-blockable items within 1 tile of the house outside, that'd be great.. Plants, and such are not getting the love they deserve..


The preferred solution is adding controls to the interior decorator to:
- Move North
- Move South
- Move East
- Move West

Also being able to lock down natural decor / non-blocking items (plants) within the first 2 tiles of the required 5 tile spacing between other houses would be MOST excellent.

All houses are essentially the Plot Size plus 1-5 tiles of building restricted land:
+ 2 Tiles (player owned / our “yard”)
+ 1 Tiles (outlands owned / no one owns)
+ 2 Tiles (potentially owned / someone elses “yard”)
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