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Captcha Decay


I started on this shard about two weeks ago. I am a fairly heavy player and have played pretty much every day since. I am really enjoying the shard overall and want to express my gratitude to all who have made this possible.

Moving on to the suggestion.

Captcha Decay

Being a totally new player to the shard, when I began to level my gatherers/crafters I encountered my first Captchas. Overall I truly enjoy the system, as you really do need to remain active in front of the screen to gather. It does good for the economy and promotes difficulty to what would otherwise be a set and forget it unlimited source of materials. I run dual screens and usually leave UO up with a macro running and will move my character manually once I need to. On the other screen I read/surf the web. So I am there. When I first started doing the captchas some of them were quite unclear, truly. I did not know that I could close the gump and get a new Captcha for those that were unclear and have ended up with an infraction on my account (6hr unable to gather) I know from the rules these are cumulative and have very stiff penalties. I would like to propose a decay of infractions, some such as 30 days where they roll off the account. My reasoning is that now I feel extremely paranoid about them and it makes me very anxious go monitor my gathering. By allowing for decay it would allow a slight amount of leeway for mistakes and/or a short distraction that got you and infraction.

For example.

You are running a macro monitoring your character but you need to leave them computer for a moment for an urgent manner and you left your macro going (oops). You get back from answering the door, picking up your kiddo cause they were crying, or breaking up the dogs fighting. The timing was bad and the Capcha came up right as you left the PC, and since your macro was going you have an infraction. No big deal if it rolls off eventually from your account, life happens, but if it stays forever this could make you reconsider gathering altogether...

I am only suggesting this mainly because I really like crafting/gathering and since I plan to play here for a very long time I don't want accidents to lock me out forever or create a high amount of anxiety for us who really enjoy the practice.