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Christmas Event - Decorating Trees Begins Saturday, December 22 at Noon EST


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The newly formed Prevalian Council for the Preservation and Also Advancement of Holiday Cheer and Non-Descript Generalized Festiveness (P.C.P.A.A.H.C.N.D.G.F) seeks your help! Miscreants from Cavernam have surfaced with a great disdain for the holiday season and have stolen P.C.P.A.A.H.C.N.D.G.F supplies which has caused a massive halt in festivities. To bring back the holiday cheer (and earn Event Points), players can purchase an Evergreen Sapling, collect Distilled Holiday Spirits and Holiday Ornaments from holiday monsters to combine into a Decorated Christmas Tree! The event will run until Sunday, December 30th. This will be the only time to create the Decorated Tree and to collect the card!


  • Buy an Evergreen Sapling for 20k Gold or 1 Prevalia Coin (double-click a Christmas Sign at any town bank)
  • Slay any regular (non-Boss) creature for a chance of a Holiday Monster to spawn
  • Nevergreen monsters have a chance of dropping Distilled Holiday Spirits
  • Miscreant monsters have a chance of dropping Holiday Ornaments of different colors
  • Double-click the Evergreen Sapling to combine the items and create a Decorated Christmas Tree
  • The Decorated Christmas Tree can be placed inside a house and is only obtainable through this event
  • The Decorated Christmas Tree can be turned into a deed by using an axe on it (as the house owner)


  • Type [EventScore to open the gump and see the top scores
  • Each Decorated Christmas Tree earns Event Points
  • Players can type [ChristmasToggle to opt-in or out of having event creatures spawn

  • Players will receive the "Outlands First Christmas" collectible card for logging in at any point during the Christmas Event
  • Players can only receive one card per character
  • When the Christmas Event is disabled, cards will stop being distributed as well

Visit the Wiki Holiday Page for specific spawn chances and more detailed information. Remember to also visit the Prevalian Merchant for limited time holiday cloth, gear and deco! There is another "part" to this event too, which will be the release of Cavernam (to be announced), where players will be able to collect holiday loot drops, explore a vast, brand new dungeon and encounter some unique arctic themed monsters.

Happy Holidays from the Outlands Staff and we wish everyone a safe and merry holiday season!