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Come join the Beard Brothers!


Come Join the Beard Brothers!
We are a PVE guild that has one point! To enjoy Ultima!
We want to play the game and do it with friends!
There have been many tails of our exploits such as dragon wrestling! Naked Beard Gauntlets! And more!
But for real, we take all players new or vets. We want to explore the new lands and do it with a great beared
style! Come join us in discord https://discord.gg/5UpMYhe

Fear not, It is not the Beard on the outside, it the beard on the inside
Beard Brother, and Beard Sisters! Come! Join us!​
And here I come, after journies in the barren and beardless wilds, thinking finally, here my beard may rest! But what does my beardily longing encounter? The flabbergasting idea of a "beard on the inside"! Let everyone know that Franz Pfniffel shall have no part of it, because there never was a beard on the inside if there wasn't one on the outside! But I guess this guild would fit for The Bearded Lady at least! I shall keep going on my journey!


Almost 6 months into the server we are still active and stronger then ever. Join our Discord to find out more as we are welcoming all players, new and vets.