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Da Pakt ob Zu'utah vs Bearded Brothers! (+++)

3rd of August 9:30 EST da Pakt ob Zu'utah take on Bearded Brothers and their alliance in a clash of titans at the Bloodrock Orc Fort! Rumors has it BB will muster an army of over Thirty men, ready to die for their Brotherhood! Also Marching with them every thug, criminal and murderer rallied under the wicked Order known as Seriously Unique Players!

Will the Pathfinders and Yew Militia take action against such a threatning Force? OR will they stand with the Bearded Brotherhood and Murderous "SUP" against the Orchish Horde, The Drow Elves lead by their matron mother Qidra of House Vhuryn & Dynasty of Flame?!

Which side will YOU take? Are you driven by revenge against Orcs that have taken all your hard-earned gold as tribute? Or have they demanded your family heirloom Boots as payment?! Perhaps you have lost all your precious Loot to the combined might of The Bearded Brotherhood and SUP - and seek to spill their blood all across the land of Avadon?! Or do you simply seek the thrill of Combat, and wish to take part in what could be the largest Server War Outlands have seen to this day?

Saturday 3rd of August - 9:30 EST - Human vs Orcs - Good vs Evil - Ledz giid tu clompin, ladies and gentlemen! NOOOOOGRAH! *The enormous built Klerggoth of the Bloodrock Clan proudly Waves the Clan Banner infront of the vast Human army marching towards his Fort*


I wish to thank Bearded Brothers, Yew, Pathfinders & Bloodclan for showing up yesterday! It turned out to be an awesome evening, with roleplay and PvP! I believe we were a mix of 30 orcs and humans going ham at each other inside the Bludchok Fort at one point :)

Now I am as bad as taking screenshots as the Yewians are with their swords - so I will post a link to Ne'rull stream! Have fun watching - things start to pick up around the 21' minute mark...