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Dear Developers

i wish you a positive launch.

releasing new game content is often stressful and cumbersome, you may even struggle to fall asleep etc but i hope you two manage to sit back for a minute and just enjoy the view of hundreds of players laying hands on your baby for the first time.

having been involved in game/mod develpoment myself i know how it feels.
they wont treat it well, its like the gates of a zoo opened up, there will be toxic people, and crying people.
today at work ive been thinking of how similar it is to raising a child, an unthankful job.. you never get a thank you.
back when i made content i always said to myself that im not doing this for the thanks or the praise, i said if i dont have the passion for the game and the enjoyment of doing these models on my own then ill never get finished, which is true to some extent.
i did not want my motivation to depend on any form of customer feedback i guess, which is probably a one way street, on the other hand i have checked back a year later to see if i had already hit 1 million downloads lol.

being a parent can feel like a similarily ungrateful job, you spend countless sleepless nights and give everything for your little shitter and you never get a single thank you from them.
until recently.. my son (1.8y) came to me, held my head tightly to his and whispered "thank you", it may have been a coincidence but my heart went warm anyway and all the trouble of the past 2y were instantly forgotten.

so ive never been the guy of many thank yous in the past, more like an ever going machine and youre all welcome etc but please Owen and Luthius, accept my digital handshake and my thank you for all the work youve put into this for me to enjoy for free.

also ignore my witty discord remarks, theyre not too serious.. im just a bit naughty by nature but actually a normal person hyped for a second chance to play a decently populated uo shard once more (started with ipy2 in 2012, i know way too late!).

i envy you for that moment when you see these hundreds of people "play your game" populate the environment youve created for them, see how your designs turn out, hear what the customers think of them etc.. curiousity has always been my main key driver and all the questions ive asked myself during development would be answered on release, thats why it was so great.

if you ever get tired of people criticizing your product or insulting you, just look at the hundreds of players, they are playing your shard because theyre enjoying it and are thankful for what youve done for them, every line of code you wrote or object you placed was worth it.
anyone reading this, please take a second to thank Owen and Luthius in discord or here, it DOES actually motivate people or give positive feelings, even if they decline.

when shit hits the fan, try to sit a little further away and try to keep a positive mind, thank you! :)
Yeah, what he said!
Owyn and Lucius, thank you for all your hard work. It goes without saying that we tremendously appreciate all the hard work and long hours you put into this project.
This is really a great post. Thank you Owyn, Luthius, Lenz, Expo, Jaeden and all the others who have made this place possible! I'm excited to go explore.

Edit: my phone autocorrected "Luthius"
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I can't imagine what it must take to pull something like this off, and the emotional investment.

So I'd like to say thank you for this labor of love, and to try not to take upcoming criticisms and complaints here as a reflection of your work, but an expected by-product of the community.

It's gonna be hard as hell sorting valid feedback from toxic whining, and I wish you and your mental health "good luck with that"