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Recently my brother upgraded to the ClassicUO client. I told him all the settings to change to get it set up. I believe some better default settings could really benefit new players. I understand that some of these are optional, and I'm not claiming that the below settings will be right for everyone, just that the defaults definitely need some work in my opinion.

The main ones for me are:
- video tab
-------- always use full size game windows = true
-------- enable mousewheel zooming = true
-------- light level 30
-------- filter type = anisotropic clamp (somewhat optional)

- containers (otherwise the inventory is tiny on a modern screen)
-------- Container scale 150
-------- Scale items inside containers = true

- general tab
-------- Use custom healthbars gump = true
-------- Grid loot = Grid loot only or both

- info bar
-------- Show info bar = true

- Counters
-------- Enable counters = true
-------- Rows 2
-------- Columns 8

I also disable the menu bar, but again that is personal preference.

They are my go-to settings, I understand they may not be great for everyone but I think the video and container settings should be default.

I have a little further feedback. Firstly I want to stress what incredible work the ClassicUO team have done, the new client is seriously impressive and I can't imagine wanting to go back to the original client. Thank you so much for giving this to the UO community.

These are a some things that I think could be improved in the new client:

- I miss the Razor health bar that you can have in the application title bar. The custom healthbar gumps do help a lot with making the current health visible, the line under my character or percentage above their head just doesn't do it for me. I would like a large healthbar (preferable resizeable) or status bar (with the 3 bars) that I can place at the top left of my screen. I thought this is what the info bar would do with the setting: Data highlight type: Colored bars, but I think I am misunderstanding this setting (I am not sure what it does).

- I dislike the new macro page in the classic client. I find it very awkward to have to name my macro, something like allnames and then go and find the option for allnames. It is very tedious to add macros this way, however most of what I need is provided by Razor anyway.

- Duplicate settings: there are many settings that are duplicated between ClassicUO and Razor. Probably not the worst problem in the world but it is a little confusing from an end-user point of view. I am not sure if this is something that can be easily remedied because I understand that ClassicUO and Razor both exist outside of Outlands. As far as I can tell all of the options seem to work in both Razor and ClassicUO, so it is just a question of it being a little confusing/overwhelming.

Does anyone else have feelings about the default settings? Do you strongly disagree with my "defaults"? Let me know any cool tricks you have found! Grid loot was life changing for me!
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I hear what you’re saying. That said, the only settings you and I have in common is grid loot and disable menu bar. Everybody has their preferences though, hah.

I also miss the title bar graphics and bars that Steam/Razor had. I do get annoyed with duplicate settings in the client and assistant as well. I much prefer the ClassicUO macro setup though. In the old client it felt like I had to click apply about 20x to ensure a new macro would stick, plus being able to drag a macro on to the game desktop is pretty handy.

Here is something I do to make my life easier. I configure the settings for one character on one account, we’ll say it is a mage. I then copy that character’s profile folder and rename the copy “MageTemplate”. When ever I create a new mage I just copy the contents of the “MageTemplate” folder in to the new profile folder. No client config necessary. The only changes I usually have to make are tuning a cloned Razor profile for differing support skills or PvP/PvM tasks.


I agree with updating the defaults if that is possible. Starting with a tiny little screen always makes me shutter momentarily. One thing I found helpful is that once you log out for the first time, your settings are written to your hard disk. You can then overwrite those files from another character you've already setup. I now do this immediately to bring over all of my settings, macros, gump locations (map/paperdoll/etc). When you log back in, everything will be in place from your other character and you can just do a quick modification to your character-specific spells/skills/infobar/macros.