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Detecting Hidden Targeted Use Broken?

Feels like using it targeted is not working while it is working with tracking. Sitting next to multiple hiding macroers in town using it on repeat and it's not revealing anyone, which does not match up with

  • Reveals all Hidden targets within 8 * (Detect Hidden Skill / 100) spaces of player
Found an invisible target to shove thru, stood directly next to them and had a macro use detect hidden for 15 minutes they did not reveal -- is there something missing from the wiki page about how this skill works? Does it need to be at least as high as their hiding skill?
Your detect skill is still doing a check vs their hiding skill. It reads like with 20 detect you can reveal people within a certain amount of spaces all the time and that's not the case. You need GM detect to reveal a GM hider 50% of the time. You also get the best results by casting detect on yourself. That's how it gets the big AoE. It doesn't do the AoE when you target it (unless you are in your house which is a special case).
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Also, where are you doing detect hidden? It won't reveal people on shelter island no matter how hard you try, since it could get them killed if they were in a dungeon...