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Whats popping yall, im Drizzle. Im here to talk about taming, more importantly where to start with it. Theres a gazillion mobs here right? which are the right ones to try out at first? I GOT YOU

Tier Determination:
Like every tier list, tiers and pets in the tier are pretty arbitrarily. I mainly had PvM elements in mind whilst determining though, farming mobs(trash/mid/high), ranged combat(Pirating), and bosses. Things like abilities and perks are kept in mind. Raw DPS and Burst damage from spells and abilities and how they function in farming are considered. Hp and defense for tanking, along with abilities such as Stone Skin. Another thing that factors into a pet's rank is the level they need to be taming at, a 90 taming pet that does a lil less damage than a 120 one will probably be ranked higher. Pets in one tier aren't ranked in that tier by position, meaning that I haven't ranked the Ember dragon above the Smoke dragon, they're both just in that their. Dragons and drakes are ranked the same because I couldn't be arsed to rank them differently

And with that said, BEHOLD

Tier List 2 offical.png

S Tier: Ember Dragon, Smoke Dragon, Otyugh, Blood Hunter, Blood Hound, Night Stalker (forgot to add whoops),
A Tier: Blood Dragon, Black Cat, Dragon, Corpse Purger, Blood Ape, Army Ant, Drowned Dragon, Hell Hound
B Tier: Skeletal Dragon, Flame Purger, Earth Dragon, Swamp Dragon, Wisp (All), Water Dragon, Komodo, Snowdrifter
C Tier: Blightmare, Blood Courser, Phoenix, Air Dragon, Eldritch Dragon, Dusk Dragon, Husk Crab, Molten Mongbat
D Tier: Colossal Black Widow, Familiar, Imp, Wyvern, Devourer Beetle, Fortress Beetle

Not on the List: Either below D-Tier or haven't ranked them yet.

Bold text is new or recently changed info.

Drakes and Dragons are ranked the same.

S-Tier Pets
These pets in the S-tier are the best of the best, they do everything you could want essentially

-Ember Dragon (115)[3]- Rationale: They have an absurdly high DPS if spec’d right (upwards of 80/90) and have fantastic abilities to compensate. The only negative about them is that their Level 6 upgrade sucks, but makes up for it because their level 10 one is amazing. They're one of the best for farming trash/high level mobs, but not exactly the best for bosses. Overall solid defensive stats too, It's almost everything you would want in a pet.
-Ember Drake (105)[2]^ but less dmg

-Otyugh(120)[4]- The best pure tank in the game. The Otyugh spec’d (+10hp +5 armor +10 dmg) and leveled up purely defensively/Cooldown reduction does really good damage and can tank basically anything in the game. Super good for some boss fights. Only issue is that other pets out DPS it so it's not the best for farming high level mobs, but its still really good for farming mid/trash mobs fast due to its AoE. The Otyugh recently got nerfed, but its still good as hell and I've had no issues doing what It normally did before, just a bit slower.

-Smoke Dragon(115)[3]- Does upward to 200-400 damage with its burst to monsters alone, along with its dragon breath right after it comes out of stealth. Combined with another stealth pet (probably the smoke drake or nightstalker) you can one shot ember dragons with pretty good consistency. Also have pretty good DPS for 15 seconds after stealth. Great for farming high level mobs or mid level farming, could probably be used for bosses. Also got nerfed but this just means its stealth can't one shot ember dragons and lesser anymore, it also has crazy good DPS out of stealth thanks to its traits.
-Smoke Drake(105)[2]-^

Nightstalker(110)[2]- ^

Bloodhunter(115)[1]- The highest DPS in the game with 4-5. You can do upwards to 110+ dps with these things, its kind of insane. Only issue is that they dont tank well, but you can use a one slot tank pet like a Sphinx to tank just well enough while these things go to town. Crazy good and probably the best for farming, complete shit at bosses. Comes at a risk cuz they have fairly low hp/armor.

Bloodhound(100)[2]- With low taming and only 2 slots, these guys shit out DPS when paired with a blood dragon. They're only absurdly good with a blood dragon imo, I would use a Hell Hound for everything else, but the combination of both of them leaves them shitting out damage.

A Tier
A tier pets are either simply not as strong or S-Tier pets, or limited in what they can do in a substantial way.

Blood dragon(115)[3]- Really cool pet but with some pretty lame upgrades. Still pretty crazy though, the Bleed DoTs are crazy with this thing. Makes puddles of blood wherever it moves.
Blood drake(105)[2]^-

Black Cats(120)[1]- Black cats are cool, they're kind of like blood hunters with less damage but a little more survivability. At the expense they cost +5 more taming which is kind of a bummer. Cool but outclassed, totally good and workable though.

Dragon(95)[3]- Dragons are pretty sick here, they do pretty much what they did on OSI. Tank well and do a lotta damage. The dragon also has probably the better upgrades I’ve seen out of any pet too. Not a lot of crazy special abilities but this thing is real good. Also the lowest taming requirement drag, which makes it worth considering in the scale of things.

Corpse Purger(110)[2]0- All this thing does is throw up body parts, but its crazy good. Its the best “ranged” pet, only attacking at a distance. Good for something like pirating, fighting bosses at a range, or farming in a group with another tamer/tank. Also has just enough HP to not get ravaged by things too bad. Biggest issue is that they're not the best for solo farming because they themselves cannot tank, and the level 1 tanking pets are kinda underwhelming, especially if you aren’t using 4 blood raptors next to it.

Blood Ape(85)[1]- My favorite pet. Makes funny noises. Straight up downgrade compared the blood raptors DPS wise(95-100+ compared to 110+), however requires 30(!) less taming, which is substantial enough to consider as a viable pet IMO.

Army Ant(100)[1]- With similar reasons to the Blood Ape, their lower taming requirement leaves them to be a pretty tasty option for one slotters. They also have one of the best level 10 traits in the game for one slotters, Lifetaker. Which makes micromanaging 5 of these guys a breeze since they heal to full after every big kill basically. They also have really high wrestling across the board and have a really ability if you want to farm with dexxers. bzz

Drowned Dragon(115)[3]- With their new Otyugh-esque abillity, they shot up from unranked to B tier. Lowering defensive wrestling and armor means you can pair these guys with one slotters much easier than most tank pets. Pretty low on the DPS boards themselves but with AoE and works really well in groups.

Hell Hound(90)[2]- Pretty much the same role as the blood hound but is a little more flexible at the cost of doing a little less damage. Really high damage for low taming and low slot count.

B Tier
B-Tier Pets are pretty solid in their own right, but are usually outclassed or are fairly flawed.

Skeletal Dragon(100)[3]- Pretty much like a regular dragon, but with better abilities, but shittier upgrades. Not as strong as a drag but has a gnarly armor reduce ability, pretty solid.

Flame Purger(90)[2]- Corpse purger but slightly worse

Earth Dragon(115)[3]- Probably one of the tankiest pets in the game, does decent damage, but still struggles vs most bosses tank wise. A bit inconsistent on tanking too due to stone armor only lasting 30 seconds. Cool pet tho

Earth Drake(105)[2]- ^, Probably a really solid 2 slot tank in its own right

Swamp Dragon (115)[3]- Pretty good dragon, however poison is massively underwhelming compared to all the other effects. Technically stronger than a regular dragon however it requires 20 more taming, which is a pretty substantial difference. Buff poison!

Wisps(100-115)[3]- The the addition of new abilities, a gm level wisp, I think the wisps deserve to be bumped up a bit to now B tier. The arboreal wisp in particular is saving this grouping, able to spew out a lot of good both burst and consistent damage, deff the best mage pet by miles now.

Water Dragon(110)[3]- Kind of like the drowned dragon, but not as good Id say. They themselves have better DPS but still lose the battle when accounting for partner pets and AoE. Still good enough to justify a use, its the best team player non-skeleton dragon and is 5 points less than the drowned dragon.
Water Drake(100)[2]- ^

Komodo(100)[1]- Pretty similar to the army ant with a better ability, but loses out on a lot of what makes the army ant good, like survival. Still really good and does more damage than them.

Snowdrifter(100)[1]- Weirdly good, these are the one slotters with the highest survivability and highest burst. I would rank them highest but their damage after their initial burst is kinda low, which is probably the most important part of being a one slotter. I do reccomend using them though, they can be super helpful in groups.

C Tier

C-Tier pets can be used just fine, but are pretty lackluster compared to everything else.

Blightmare(120)[2]- Being rideable is a big plus, but the damage is pretty underwhelming. Disease is pretty good in its own right though, but you’re probably getting and using this pet because it's a combat mount.

Blood Courser(115)[2]- Pretty much blightmare with bleed and no magic

Phoenix(120)[4]- Really cool pet, has lots of strong burst with fireballs and magic, but gets out dps’d by the purgers, and can’t tank very well compared to them too. Does do magic though which is nice. Probably better than im giving it credit for. Recently buffed but still underwhelming imo, despite having insane eval int. still usable but wisps+purger both outdps and outburst this thing

Eldritch Dragon(115)[3]- Cool spells, not cool everything else. DPS is underwhelming, burst is underwhelming. Hey it goes through armor though. The best mage tank pet though?
Eldritch Drake(105)[2]-^

Dusk Dragon(115)[3]- High armor is better than reduced wrestling imo, not a lot of reasons to use this thing. Shadow dragon looks cooler too
Dusk Drake(105)[2]-^

Air Dragon(110)[3]- Very similar to the Earth Dragon, but I would value raw armor much more than defensive wrestling chance when every pet has a high wrestling stat already.
Air Drake(100)[2]-^

Husk Crab(90)[1]- Pretty decent one slotter, pretty good for lowkey tanking due to high armor, not much use besides that though. Outclassed by the komodo unless you're tanking.


These pets are pretty bad, but do enough to merit some sort of use.

Giant Colossal Widow(120)[4]- Poison sucks, nothing really crazy good about this thing. Looks cool as hell though, web might not be that bad? Lethal poison+

Imp(75-95)[2]- pretty shit considering its two slots. Can be used with a wisp though. Inferno>all

Familiar(50)[1]- not the best, but pretty good at farming trash mobs. Has some merit being a 1 slot mage pet

Wyvern(105)[3]- One slot too many, poison bad, pretty ok dps though. High ass level of poison though

Devourer Beetle(100)[2]- Does pretty ok damage and is probably the second best 2 slot tank next to the earth drake, but its build is aimed for spell resist tank when there aren't very many high level mage threats in the game. Pretty underwhelming as things go, but still has a niche if you need a 2 slot tank with a lil extra damage.

Fortress Beetle(120)[3]- Similar to the devourer beetle where its built to be a spell resist tank when there aren't many mage threats, but this time competes with every 3 slot tank in the game. Losing battle. Ranked it too highly last time, poor fella.


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Closing Thoughts:
As I mentioned any pet that is not on this list is either worst than D-Tier or I just haven't ranked yet.

Let me know what you think. Am I a fuckin' Idiot? Think a pet is ranked too high/low? Think a pet deserves to be on the list? Any questions? let me know!


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V1.2 Changes:

Fancy Text and Arrow. Mostly Added stuff. tested different builds with a lot of em

Blood Hound- Added

Army Ant- Added

Drowned Dragon- Added

Hell Hound- Added

Water Dragon- Added

Komodo- Added

Snowdrifter- Added

Air Dragon- Added

Molten Mongbat- Added

Devouerer Beetle- Added

Fortress Beetle- C to D

Wisps: C to B


Blood apes do about 30dps with frenzy and herding. This list is cute but obsolete.

If you want to know about what taming mobs to use-- check out discord.

Dread seems to post revised lists of viable pet combos daily. Other people also contribute there.


i wish there was a updated list of this. This is really nice!!
I am still pretty new, but alot of old combos pll used aint that great anymore. But im also only at 110 taming.