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Dynasty of Flame, Egyptian Undead

Dynasty of Flame - Egyptian/Ossurarian Themed Undead RP

And so it was decreed that in flame, everlasting life would be granted to the chosen lords of the lands. And upon their rebirth the world would know their magnificence and grandeur.

The Dynasty of Flame is a new RP guild on the UO Outlands server. Basing itself heavily on Egyptian themes along with the preexisting themes present in the dungeon Ossuary, it takes a break from the classic Undead style RP and brings in a refreshing twist. While both themes, classic and new, have your typical Undead such as skeletons and the like, the Dynasty be allowing things not normally found in classic undead RP.

Fire for example, typically bane of all Undead, is welcome here. As the Dynasty believes Fire to be the answer to finding true eternal life, it puts heavy faith into it. While some new Undead might wish to avoid it (anyone who will be attempting to play a Mummy style character for example), anyone is free to make use of it. Indeed, the Magus ranks and Guardians of the Tomb (more on those later) will make frequent use of it.

That being said, while everything is allowed, common sense is to be expected. As an Undead guild based in the Desert, it will make more sense for the tamers in the guild for example to use such pets found there. Skeletal Dragons for example. The Blood pets found in Aegis would also be acceptable.

Let us now touch on the rankings of the Guild itself.

And let those who wield the Flames of Life itself guide the lesser along the path. May they find enlightenment and prosper beneath the Sun Gods rule. And let those who fall, or those who would speak blasphemy be struck down where they stand.

There are several rankings within the guild. There are Tomb Guardians, The Magus, Troops and Civilians. Even the Undead Dynasty will have civilians. This will include crafters and the like.

Tomb Guardians - Melee Experts all. These are the front line warriors that guard the sacred tombs. Wield Mace, Sword, Axe or Spear they will work together to crush their opponents beneath their armored bodies.

Magus - Practitioners of the sacred magical arts, these are commonly supported by the Tomb Guardians in combat who protect them as the Magus rains destruction down on their enemy. Having mastered arts beyond the limits of most mortals, they are revered and entrusted with all manner of archaic artifact for study.

Troops - The basic soldiers of the Dynasty. Archers and tamers along with those who have yet to prove themselves in combat will find themselves here. In the field they will serve as a bodyguard to any higher ranking member who "requests" their aid. In larger warfare, a Tomb Guardian will lead them as squad.

Descriptions aside, the basic rule of command is as such:
Tomb Guardian Commander
Magus Flame Priest
Tomb Guardians/Magus

You may notice that the leading official is the Tomb Guardian Commander and not a pharaoh. Simply put this is due to the fact that, in the Dynasty lore, the rubies that would allow the resurrection of the Pharaoh were stolen. This will bring us to...

The Purpose of the Dynasty

A brief explanation is that, with the Rubies theft, the Tomb has awoken into a state of urgency and aggression. In this new era mortals have spread far and wide, forgetting the ancient past. Tombs have been raided, and while not all belong to this particular Dynasty... They very well could have. This, cannot stand.

The guild will be HIGHLY territorial. Trespassers will be given options for peace, at first. If the choices are refused, they will be attacked and repelled. It is as simple as that. Tokens may be offered as a gesture of goodwill. If a member of the Dynasty is given gold or gemstones, they will allow the intruder to withdraw peacefully. The intruder may continue to fight their way through the area encountered, but they may be asked again for more offerings.

If attacked, regardless by whom, the Dynasty will retaliate to the insult. Only by yielding and turning over ones weapon will the warriors allow the foolish mortal to walk away.
However. The above ONLY applies if any of this happens within the guild territory. If for example, a group of warriors is looking for treasures of the Dynasties past in say Mount Petram... No offerings will be demanded. While the guild may be overall of the Evil end of the alignment table, they are still Lawful. And Mount Petram is not their domain. At least not yet, for if the Pharaoh is awoken who knows if world domination is on his ancient mind?

For the short version of the above listed we have...

The Dynasty of Flame is an upcoming Lawful Evil Undead guild based on Egyptian themes. We will welcome new and veteran RPers alike, as well as PvM AND PvPers. Everyone will be able to find a home here. As long as the basic guidelines are met, there should be no reason for anyone not to enjoy themselves. The only true stipulations are that players consider their character carefully. Bone armor is typically required in some mixture for Warriors, while robes are perfectly acceptable for Magus.

The guilds goals are to recover the magical rubies that were stolen in order to revive their Pharaoh along with all other treasures that might have been stolen as well.

Any questions may be directed towards Valen, the Guildleader (Corathan on Discord, Corathan#2510)

We will see you out there in the world of Outlands. Ally or Foe, which will you be?

And when the burning sands reveal their hidden secrets, the dead shall stir and walk the realm of mortals once more...Burning all that stand in their way