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Hey All,

I'm kind a new player. Been playing for about a month, and after 20 years of playing Ultima in different shards, Outlands is all a new experience and I really enjoy it. It feels like playing a new Ultima Online.

Yesterday I bought a new small house but I can't find a place. Everyspot says "existing house". It is really frustrating. What is this "existing house" warning stands for?
I checked existing houses on real estate vendor but they cost too much :(


The reality is 2 1/2 years into the shard, there are no available house spots just sitting open, we've had tens of thousands of players come through, and there is only limited housing unfortunately. Which means you pay real estate fees at this point (which are high - but so is the price for selling special item drops). The only way to find a plot of land for your house, would be to capture an IDOC from a guild who specializes in them (which can be done, but good luck!). Occasionally you'll find room enough for a caravan, 4x8 lot - 250k gold, but it really isn't a good value buy for a new player.

There is a house survey tool you can buy for 500 gp, that would allow you to check the land without using a deed - buying a 50k deed, and carrying it for more than an hour is dangerous as it's no longer blessed - unfortunately your going to lose 10% of the value of the deed when you sell it back to the vendor. Or you'll only get 45k back.

As a starting point the server has implemented rental rooms, they are a great way to get some extra storage space, while you build up the funds to purchase a house overland (if that's your goal eventually). https://uooutlands.com/wiki/Rental_Room_System

Good luck out there, and if you need any help, you should come find us on discord, you'll get much quicker answers, and there's a new player channel that helps with just this sort of thing!