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Faction Times

How do you feel about current faction occurrence times?

  • Move them all forward by 30 mins

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Is everyone happy with faction times for when they occur? I personally can only get in 1 per day on weekdays, weekends I can do them all if I wanted. My timezone just sucks and I know the Staff is trying to find a happy medium but I'm curious how the current times are working out for people actually doing the factions.

I would like to get some feedback from people.


i suggest already long ago.

Make them 5min shorter and make the really onesided ones Stop if the point diffrence is 150.

That would make them shift their Starttime
for EU prime time they happen at 7PM and 23PM which happens to be too early and too late for some people i know.
i guess the fairest option would be to shift the timers back and forth each week?
The fairest option in my eyes is move them forward 1 hour every week at the Friday 7 pm change over, every 4 weeks the times align with how they currently are, however it's also moved from mounted to unmounted... Add a tab to the bonus banner to show the struggle times for the week.

I went a solid month of mounted struggles on weeknights, for the 1 struggle I could attend at 9 pm.. I'd like to see them shuffle so two out of four weeks I could fit two in, and also get a little variety.. mounted struggles are so much worse than unmounted..