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Fall Harvest - Friday, November 23 at 9PM EST


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Our Fall Harvest 2018 event started at 9PM EST Friday, November 23 and will run through to Sunday, November 25 at midnight EST. For more info, please watch the following video:


1. All monsters have a chance to drop "Poultry Seasoning" and "Roasting Torches"
2. All monsters have to chance to re-spawn as 1 of 5 different Harvest Birds
3. Once the bird spawns, season the bird using Seasoning - the larger the bird, the more seasoning you need!
4. Roast the bird using your Roasting Torch!
5. Kill the bird!

All birds have a chance to drop rare holiday loot:

Happy hunting!
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Were the cooked birds (the common "rare" from killing the torched chickens) used for anything other than deco? Like was there a turn in vendor to purchase things etc?

I got like 15 of these and two other things. Just curious.