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A runetome is a large runebook which holds 26 runes.
If you ever lose a bonded pet, you can retrieve it from the stablemaster or say "all release" to release it from your control.
Thanks Owyn, I also forgot to ask if anyone knows here how to ID items. I haven't seen ID wands drop around, so beside arms lore and item id skills any other way?
26 runes in a rune tome? So how many runes do runebooks hold on this shard? Haven't seen a single vendor selling rune tomes so far by the way.

Good to know before ponying up 50k+ for a book+bless deed.
16 runes in a runebook - they hold 10 recall scrolls
26 runes in a runetome - they hold 50 recall and 50 gate scrolls I believe.

Runebooks cost 10 arcane scrolls, Runetomes cost I believe 25 (may be overstating that one)
Due to that the runes / arcane scroll ratio makes runebooks far cheaper and more desireable.
In addition to that:

- Runebook bless deeds cost 50k
- Rune tome bless deeds cost 100k

So basically rune tomes are QoL items for advanced players.