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First char tamer?


Hi guys,

completely new to this shard, my first post on the forums. In fact, I dont even have the client downloaded, and Im not registered to the game. Havent had time to read through the wiki yet, so I figured I would ask here.
Is it viable to go tamer (probably mage tamer) as first character? I dont expect to make grandmaster tamer in a week, but are there any useful tameables before 100 skill?

If yes. can you please just give me an example of what kind, what skill level, and how long roughly does it take to get to that skill?

I think thats all for now, will ask more questions if they come. Thanks to everyone who bothers to reply to me!
Yes there are tons of good pets all the way to 120. I used pets at 75 taming for almost a year before I progressed. Just go into the discord and go under #taming and people will give you lots of advice. The most powerful pvp tamer uses only 90 taming.