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Fisher Build Question

Hello, total newb to the high seas. What complementary skills / build do most fishers have? Is fencing any good with the dmg boost with spears/harpoon? What are the main goals with fishing in regards to getting $?
Currently the MiBs are a bit buggy, but they do provide a good bit of gold (couple thousand in depending on the crate).
The other goal of fishing is to pull up a) cooking ingredients and b) pull up rare fish for the (upcoming) fish tank house add-on.

Fencing does get a nice boost form fishing since you can get to 120 fishing which would = 120 fencing when using a harpoon on a boat.
Discordance is another good skill to add and is the only barding skill that works on the seas.
If you're only going to be doing fishing with that character then probably this template:

100 resist
100 anatomy
80 healing
120 fishing
100 tactics
100 tracking
100 parry

This will let you solo the mobs that get pulled up with a crate or a net.

If you're going to be doing ship vs ship combat then I'd recommend a summoner mage.

100 Magery
100 med
120 Spirit Speak
100 Herding
100 Eval
100 Fishing
80 healing (for healing your crew after battle) or 100 tracking if you want extra damage and can find the skill balls for cheap (currently ~40k each)
Thanks for the post. For the two goals you mentioned with pulling cooking ingredients and rare fish. Do you just have to fish anywhere? Off land or open sea or any tricks to it?

I was actually thinking of using the following build for doing MIBs / nets. How hard of monsters spawn at them?

Spirit Speak

Was planning on having a daemon summoned and just ebolting stuff would that be useless?