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Full spellbook

Laughing Skull

The cost of a full spellbook is directly tied to Arcane Scroll prices (24 required). As of today Arcane Scrolls are right around 1200 each. A full spellbook costs around 28.8k in arcane scrolls only..... add on a couple K for profit and I'd say you're looking at 30-35k.

Laughing Skull

Some people sell newb spellbooks (Circles 1-6) for a few thousand gold only. Circles 7-8 require arcane scrolls and you can add these as needed.... by the time you need those circles you should have looted a few arcane scrolls.


Reach out to me on discord, AreYouKidden, happily donate a circle 1-6 spell book to get you training - and when your ready for circle 7/8, you just need to find 3 arcane scrolls, to make one of each circle to train - filling hte rest of the spell book takes 1 arcane per circle 7, and 2 arcanes per circle 8 - so another 21 arcane scrolls.

Tres vilain

Oh no, thank u so much, i have a spellbook with some musthave spells like lightning, explosion, blade spirits greater heal etc. I am interested for 8th spells like summon elementals. I ll search the arcanes :)
Thank you


I'll give you a full spellbook for free... long as I can get people to message me over discord and not be fucking banned.