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GUIDE Growing plants on Outlands

All the info for plants is at http://forums.uooutlands.com/index.php?threads/plants.704/

You need:
a seed
a planter
a watering can
a shovel to dig up some dirt
a planters spade
heat sources - any of the following: house addon forges and ovens, candelabra, lantern, heating stand, candle, campfire - although that doesn't last long ;)
a character with taste id. 80 will do, but it's easy to macro to gm

to remove negative Plant Effects:
Farmers Almanac - player crafted by scribes to revove creature effects
fungicide - player crafted by alchemists to cure fungal effects
defoilant - player crafted by cooks to counter pestilent effects

Helpful to make plants grow faster, but not required are the following buffs. Farmer npcs sell basic versions, but support the player crafters by buying the better ones.
heat filters - blacksmith item
water purifiers - made by cooking skill
fertilizer - tinkered
growth serum - alchemy crafted

I vend everything listed above. In exchange for that shameless self promotion, I'll share with you a little known plant buff. Open the menu for your plant. Lower left corner, click on the "add" button. Target your planters spade. See "labor and toil?" Check that box. Better planters spades (exceptional and ingot color grades) increase the labor and toil buff.

That's the basics, now we will explore some suggestions.

The question I answer most often is "How do I get rid of this (negative effect)? Lazy way is to just try all three of the cures. Nothing happens if you pick the wrong one. Or click the plant gump info button under the effect icon to get the info telling you which of the three effects categories it belongs to. Something to be aware of: the cures also remove the positive effects.

Can my plants die? I think not. I have let plants go untended for weeks and they just stop gaining growth points.

Heat sources. A forge is the biggest heat source and if you have only one small house with a forge in it, you'll have too much heat for most plants. In a house with no forge, experiment with different heat sources at various distances and you can dial in the right amount with ease. That's for one plant. If you want to grow several plants it becomes an interesting puzzle. Candles, lanterns, heating stands and candelabra all provide different levels of heat. The amount of heat scales with the number of tiles from the heat source to your plants.

Scarecrow is a cool decoration, but you don't need it. I'll gladly craft one for you with your mastercraft diagram.

Buffs - are they worth it? That depends on you. If you don't mind spending gold on your hobby (grow for fun, not profit!) go for it. They make a big difference on how soon you can harvest your rarer plants, but not much on the lower end ones.

Bowls/planters - Get the best you can afford that matches your seed rarity. The smaller clay pots from the farmer npc are fine for lower end seeds. For rare or higher get the largest one. The crafted planters give nice bonuses if you can bear to part with mastercraft diagrams. The wooden ones are better than the blacksmithed ones.

Someone should catalog all the plants; I have not.

I welcome pm questions on discord. I'm #7009.
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There are so many different ones that it might take a while to do this. I've only gotten 1 copy in the last month I've been doing it and technically it faces the other way so its not really the same thing. It's a mole hill