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Guide: Adding RP flavor to your Razor macros

Hail and well met, adventurers!

Here is a technique for adding a little extra flavor to some of your most-used razor macros. Sometimes it's fun to add emphasis to an action. For example, when I use spirit speaking I might like to say "I want your souls. I NEED your souls!" The problem with putting this into a macro, though, is that I will do it EVERY TIME I use the spirit speak macro and that will be annoying.

In this guide, I'll show you how to program a "random" chance to say or emote something when activating a macro.

We'll do this by utilizing the in-game [time command which provides the player with a system message with the current date and time in the format --/--/20-- --:--:-- AM/PM. What we're going to do is add a conditional if statement that will only be satisfied when the last digit of the seconds counter is a specific number.



Note that you need to include the condition "9 am" or "9 pm" for this work. If your condition is just "9" then it will be satisfied when 9 appears anywhere in the system message. This will prove a nuisance if you're playing on the 9th of the month.

As a .macro file, the example above looks like this:
Assistant.Macros.IfAction|4|0|9 am
Assistant.Macros.SpeechAction|0|906|3|ENU|0|I want your souls. I NEED your souls!

We now have about a 1/10 of a chance of saying "I want your souls. I NEED your souls" when we use this spirit speak macro in the AM. You can increase your odds by adding more conditional statements for other digits.