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Guide: Adding RP flavor to your Razor macros

Hail and well met, adventurers!

Here is a technique for adding a little extra flavor to some of your most-used razor macros. Sometimes it's fun to add emphasis to an action. For example, when I use spirit speaking I might like to say "I want your souls. I NEED your souls!" The problem with putting this into a macro, though, is that I will do it EVERY TIME I use the spirit speak macro and that will be annoying.

In this guide, I'll show you how to program a "random" chance to say or emote something when activating a macro.

We'll do this by utilizing the in-game [time command which provides the player with a system message with the current date and time in the format --/--/20-- --:--:-- AM/PM. What we're going to do is add a conditional if statement that will only be satisfied when the last digit of the seconds counter is a specific number.



Note that you need to include the condition "9 am" or "9 pm" for this work. If your condition is just "9" then it will be satisfied when 9 appears anywhere in the system message. This will prove a nuisance if you're playing on the 9th of the month.

As a .macro file, the example above looks like this:
Assistant.Macros.IfAction|4|0|9 am
Assistant.Macros.SpeechAction|0|906|3|ENU|0|I want your souls. I NEED your souls!

We now have about a 1/10 of a chance of saying "I want your souls. I NEED your souls" when we use this spirit speak macro in the AM. You can increase your odds by adding more conditional statements for other digits.

...then! magically, the server detected a razor macro in my clipboard, and it was yours... i think it worked! And i have 0.0 Spirit Speak (17.4 to be exact)
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