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Hardware requirements for the game


I've been thinking of getting back to Ultima. I'd also want to do it on a hardware, similar to what I used back then - it's all about the nostalgia.

I used one of the early socket A platforms. I remember I saw a huge improvement when I changed from 800Mhz Duron to 1600 Mhz Duron back then (was actually able to outrun the PK's :) ).

max RAM for my old motherboard is 1GB

Videocards I keep a few for AGP slot, but I want to use the Geforce 3 I had back then

And Windows XP (7 is a no go for socket A)

Would it be enough for the game? I won't bother with assembling the PC at all, if I need something faster.

This kind of hardware will still run the old 2D Ultima (I have no idea if UO Outlands will work on WinXP), but you will really miss a lot for not using CUO (
I am playing with the new CUO at 75 FPS on a modest AMD Ryzen 3 3200G system with integrated graphics. The difference between the old 2D client with 10 - 15 fps and the new CUO with 75 fps is huge (75Hz is the limit of my monitor refresh).

Here are two examples:

that is so sad ... :)

OK, I think I have a ...hm, itx sized DELL 3010 (third generation core i-xxxx), that I'm not using for anything at the moment and is slim enough to fit under my desk.

Two more questions.

1. Windows 7 or Windows 10 is better?
2. Does the Classic UO client benefit from multicore CPUs? I have i3, i5 and i7 CPUs lying arround, and I'd rather use the i3, cause it generates least heat.

Win 7 and Win 10 both works well with UO. I would pick 10 though. I thnik i3 should be enough for CUO, but you might get a little bit more performance on i5 or i7.
But, that is valid for CPU only, not for the graphics. You will need a dedicated video card. If you are planning to use integrated GMA graphic from Intel CPU, that will not work well. Intel integrated graphic is way weaker then AMD Ryzen Vega 8 integrated graphics and it will not be enough for CUO. I tried to play UO Outlands on a i3 with GMA integrated graphic and i got somewhere like 13-17 fps. Unplayable.
Thank you, Tyr, for your kind answers - that was some useful information .

Last time I did play the game must have been 15 years ago.

Fear not for integrated video performance, I have an ... abundance of hardware. From Voodoo 2 up to 1050Ti, to be specific (collecting some explicit old hardware is a hobby of mine).

Found a relatively old, but low profile Nvidia GTX 745 in the closet, that will fit in the itx case, Should provide enough performance, and I'd rather sacrifice some FPS for the comfort of having a small PC case.