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Harvesting Tools


I posted this in the suggestions channel, but reposting here to get more visibility as well.

Colored ingots already cost massively more with each step, but then the exceptional chance also plummets resulting in extremely expensive colored tools that don't really pay for themselves. I don't think players understand this and instead think vendors/crafters are trying to rip them off with 10k+ for blue harvesting tools. I would like to use/sell more than gold/agapite tools please!

Additionally, I don't think this increase in difficulty is accounted for in society jobs. The tradesman jobs for colored harvesting tools are far worse than other jobs. This week a job asks for 10 exceptional valorite shovels, which is about 100k due to the price of valorite ingots and the very low exceptional chance even at legendary.

Similarly, it would be great if plain exceptional tools were a better value than store bought tools. Currently you just pay a premium so you can stock your shelf, and that's the only reason ever to make them. Exception have 150 uses and Mastercrafted have 200, with around 96% exceptional chance at 120 skill. Ingots are valued at about 12g/each, so this ends up being 60g when store bought tools only cost 25g per 100 uses.

Even with my own legendary Tinker, I use store bought tools on all of my own crafters because it's actually cheaper and you don't have to spend a bunch of time mining/buying ingots and crafted hundreds of tools. A week of society jobs will burn through 50 mortar & pestles, why would I waste time/gold crafting those rather than recalling to a shop and using a buy agent in 2 seconds? It's nice to be able to store them in your shelf, but the value proposition is way out of line. These tools should consume more ingots and have far more uses so they are actually viable to use and sell to players.