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Has anyone noticed an increase in reds?

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Not trying to start a flame war, but I wanted to ask people about their experiences lately with reds. Before I get into my experience, I'll say what I'm doing so I'm not flamed with the "you should try harder" or "you should have tracking" posts. I mainly farm the overworld so I can recall to escape. When I farm, I have potions, trap pouches, a character with a tracking macro, and use a PvM template without resist. That's why I choose overworld spawn, it's more easy to escape. Let me be clear, I am not farming a highly efficient spot, I'm farming middle tier difficulty content because those spots are less likely to be hunted by reds.

As far as my experience thus far, at first after server launch there weren't as many reds. But for the few weeks prior to the first rework of PK penalties, reds were overrunning all of my farming spots. At first after the rework, things calmed down a bit. But now, I've seen a resurgence of reds, and it seems worse than it was than in late November and early December. Usually I would farm overworld spawn in the morning when PKs are more likely to be in class or sleeping in, but lately, even in the morning, I cannot farm overworld for 10 minutes without being chased out of the spot by a red.

What's worse is that there are reds running tracking on alts at overworld hunting spots, and when they see blues, they have runes to different areas of the hunting spots and will recall to the general area of where the player is. Let me be clear, I'm not being killed (I can usually escape with pots, pouches, and recalling) however it's causing me to have a LOT of downtime. I'll get about 20 mins of farming and then 30 mins of downtime from reds. Each time I manage to escape, usually the reds will be stuck in combat so they'll kill my pets too. This causes more downtime. Even in the rare cases where my pets aren't killed, I have to go to the stable and recover them--which means I'm losing even more money.

Reds are camping farming spots and there are literally no anti-pks or blues that will come help. In my personal experience, I've been encountering more reds recently than at any other point in the servers history, and I'm curious about the data on this.

I'm a casual player, I'm a busy guy and I just like to chill and have fun. I don't want to play trammel. The risk of losing my stuff and dying keeps me on my toes and makes farming less boring. But man, right now I can't even farm. If I'm getting ran out of middle tier farming spots, I can't imagine what it's like farming the popular spots.

So I'm not trying to be alarmist. But is this just my experience, or do other people think reds are worse than they've ever been?


Have you ever seen (or read) The Walking Dead? You are simply running into a scenario similar to a group like the ones at Terminus (in the comics, it was just a group of cannibals). Someone has to start the cannibal group, and then they have to slowly convince others that eating people isn't really that bad. Eventually people will come to your mode of thinking just to "live". Eventually, you would be sitting at a picnic table...eating someone's thumb...and wondering how you got there.

As people in Outlands get stick of being slaughtered, they will follow the mantra of those at Terminus. You are either sheep...or the wolf. So PK groups will grow just because people want to play Outlands and they feel they have very little choice but to try and become a wolf to do it. Time to peel off your sheep skin I think.
Time to stop farming solo and get with a group that can defend themselves. The power is in your hands, stop asking for god (devs) to intervene


Yeah! Time to stop playing the game how you want to and go find yourself a gang that will keep you from being shanked in the shower. We are not here to have fun, we are here to play a game!

Time to stop farming solo and get with a group that can defend themselves. The power is in your hands, stop asking for god (devs) to intervene
Folks, stop putting words in his mouth, he's sharing his experience, asking if others are seeing the same.. He's even said he doesn't want to see reds gone, outlines he's doing what he has to in order to survive..

My experience has been strange of late, everyone seems to be talking about reds, yet I can go down to Inferno 3 for 2 hours in a night, and farm and not get bothered.. I actually did a tour of dungeons on the weekend, where I farmed till I was full in each dungeon, and didn't see a single red.. And then of course you get cases where you see 2 or 3 reds in short succession.. The one thing that I'd find interesting is it the same reds you are seeing just doing their rounds? or are you seeing different groups of reds in your overland spots?


I've run into reds not far outside of Prevalia on more than one occasion. Was easy to escape back to town, but you'd think they wouldn't bother hanging around the banshees and skeleton archers in the ruins near Prevalia. They also seem to like hunting down harvesters/crafters (this has been an on-going plague for some friends and guildies). Kind of a problem with using blue characters to kill pack animals of harvesters as well. I guess everyone's experience is different, and the time of day and day of week all play a factor, but I feel like I do come across a fair number of reds in my (admittedly short) travels, and it has not yet led to a positive experience.


Reds shouldn’t be a big deal, as long as you use the right character template. So if you want to be a carpenter, you should probably take these skills to help you with attacks from other players:

Carpentry – to make things since this is the primary theme for this character
Some weapons skill – to fight with
Arms Lore – for better damage
Parrying – for protecting yourself
Begging – to beg for your life
Taste ID – to taste the bile from your throat
Forensics – so you can look at your corpse to see which of the 10 reds killed you
Lumberjacking – wait…that is too many skills. Hmmm. What to do, what to do? Oh well. What kind of carpenter needs wood anyway?

Remember, you can play Outlands like you want to and nobody will ever dictate or influence it…ever. Feel the embrace of the community. Don't fight it...invite it.
I farmed for about 5 hours last night. Here's what I done did seen:
- Solo red chased me out of Nusero level 2 farming the drakes by the entrance. Easy to bail, lots of lead time.
- Solo red (different one) with a blue pal (probably in process of going red) again in Nusero by the drakes. (I assume Nusero was a popular route since it was the +25% skill gain dungeon at the time, luring noobs like moths to the flame, easy prey.)
- Pack of 3 dudes rolled on me in Pulma 2 farming that back corner beetle creature or whatever. 1 red and 2 blues, likely trying to go red. I don't know the dungeons well and got stuck a couple times on level geometry but with the power of running straight got to the gate no problemo. These dudes got pretty close tho, was kinda exciting. Throughout the chase I was hit by a single explosion.
- Encountered a shifty blue in Nusero who was hiding near me. Left on my own accord before he could steal my bandies or whatever he was plotting lol.

For the rest of the night, I farmed in Nusero with some blues I met. Partied up and farmed for a long freaking time without being bugged. After that I farmed in Inferno, all levels, without seeing a single red or noto pk. Later in the evening I returned to Nusero and met some other dudes with whom I partied and farmed drags and stuff.

Overall a really enjoyable, and lucrative evening. Pulled down like 25k which owns for a 4 day old townie/bard with 85 in core skills. Nowhere near the level of PKs I'd see in the old Deceit LL room or Hythloth balron room, the staple rooms of classic UO farming.

As an aside, it seems like since recalling into dungeons is nerfed to hell it's hard to dungeon PK on a mage. Back in my PKing days the only way we got kills was by using a huge collections of cutoff runebooks to get ahead of the fleeing farmer to chain para them or box them in with stone walls or energy fields. As it stands, farming near a gate gives you ample opportunity to see PKs ambling up to you and to make a break for it. When I think about how I'm going to roll my PK, I can't think of any template other than a stealth lethal poisoner to get right on top of folks with no wrestle and just eviscerate them before vanishing back into the shadows from whence I came. Like, when I was first starting I was farming some elemental or some shit tabbed out watching some paint dry or something and a PK got on my ass, hamstrung me, and started blasting away - but just by mashing bandies and running for the gate I got out fine. Just my experience.
It seems like some people are running into reds some times while others aren't and vise versa. Its all a matter of perspective. Yes, there are a few "gangs" you'll usually see doing their rounds in search of prey and sometimes they can come back to back (the fun starts when we run into each other). I've had issues with solo reds while taming but not a single time with gangs, they just pass me by cause I stand there naked. I've honestly had 100 times more issues with blue griefers than any pks.

Also, some pk just for the fuck of it. Just to spoil your day. Others pk for the thrill, others yet for loot. You can't lump them all together the same way you can't lump all blues other.
75% most reds always leave me alone ( not sure why) they always say not here to bother u( because some blue greif there blue and make it hard them to hunt trust me I get more annoying blues that steal loot then reds killing me) they log onto there pks to chase them or kill them.
Seen a little more reds while leveling my resist and farming some gold at the same time. They all ran off when they saw I could put up a fight. Run with resist on and have pots and trapped pouchs.
I started on this server 3 weeks ago and I can see it is extremely PK friendly. I have nothing against PKs, for me UO started to lose interest when Trammel/Felucca distinction came out. BUT, when PK's are this promoted, playing becomes kinda unfunny. I can't farm for more than 15 mins in a row as there is a 50% chance a PK or a group of them shows up and rush you.

I find 2 reasons why there are so many reds: first is the easy it is to raise a character compared to the original game. Second, the lack of skill loss when they die.

It is not as risky to play a pk as I think it should be: a high risk-high win. In my short experience, the risk in this server is being blue and trying to farm some money. When a PK comes, they usually find you with a monster already attacking you and not full on life. Pks are in advantage on a situation like that, and can steal you the money of 30 min gameplay in a matter of seconds. That is fine for me, but if they almost lose nothing upon dying, the result is that there are too many pks, breaking the equilibrium.

I would personally add the skill loss upon dying. Being a PK should be an intense emotional playing and nothing brings more fear and heart attacks as RISK. It is one's decission to play a pk, it should be one's decission to asume the risk it brings.

Wish fun playing to everyone and stop pking that much!

When a PK comes, they usually find you with a monster already attacking you and not full on life. Pks are in advantage on a situation like that, and can steal you the money of 30 min gameplay in a matter of seconds.

This is the reason, why you see many houses close to idoc. UO Outlands looks great, but geting ganked at low HP/in middle of the fight makes ppl leave and looking for an trammel server.

Sugestion : Losing of stats / Add an pop up "Player XX" wants duel with you.
The only issue is people build glass cannons and are ill equipped to survive. Far to many people run a 0 MR build to maximize their farm time. I have one build like this Good to farm but to a PK I am easy killings. My builds with MR who run with POTS and Trapped pouch I dont know if I have yet to die to a PK or couple PKs on them.

For one if you farm for over 30 mins and dont bank your lose is your own fault.

Second if you run a glass canon build you will die easy to PKs also your own fault.

People really seem to want to free farm on this server with zero real challenges
If ppl go with 0 MR -... they want hunt monsters and earn money, they not want invest 200 skillpoints "just" to survive the reds. Then there is something realy wrong about this outland concept.

Its not a lol "challenge" if you be in middle of a fight and low hp and a red "fight" you ... thats the reason why population falls down and ppl leave.
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