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EVENT Haunted House Deco Contest 2020 - Submissions Due by Friday, October 30th


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During these strange times, more and more ominous buildings have appeared throughout the world, ushering in the Haunted House Deco Contest! Design the most Haunted House (or Inn Room) for a chance to win unique, holiday themed prizes! Last year's Haunted House Deco Contest had over 30 entries... Who will win this year? If you wish to enter, read the details below:

  • Submissions due by Friday, October 30th
  • Winners will be announced on Saturday, October 31st
  • Players may only submit one (1) House or Inn Room design
  • Judging will be done by the Outlands staff

Entering the Contest:
  • Post your character name
  • Screenshot(s) of the house
  • Lore of the haunting (bonus points)
  • Sextant coordinates of the house
  • No screenshots from other shards, another person's house, etc.
    • Staff WILL BE visiting the houses
  • If you would like to keep your home location private, send the above info to Expo via PM on the forums or Discord (you will NOT be considered for the final 3 though)

  • Unique Halloween themed reward for the top entry
  • Plaque for the top 3 entries
  • Treat Basket for every qualified entry
The Ripper of Prevelia Held In Custody

Today authorities have announced they have finally caught the seral killer who has terrified the town folk of Prevellia for so long.

It has been confirmed that Ming, aka Merciless Ming was carefully choosing his marks at his business, where he worked as a Barber at Prevelian South Barber Shop. Ming would choose his unsuspecting victims carefully from behind the Barbers Chair. Ming would slit each victims neck a dagger as they believed they were being prepared for a wet shave.


It is now known that the victims’ corpses were then dragged up to a secret compartment on the Second floor of his Barbershop, where victims who survived the razer to the neck would then be chained to a iron ball with spikes. Merciless Ming would then renter the secret room via a bookshelf and finish his victims off by hurting vases at them.


What Ming did with the corpses afterwards is more disturbing… Taken up to the next floor to an area known as the ‘Butchery Room’. The corpses were then cut up into six parts with an Axe. Ming had a system for processing each body part. Most shocking of all being the heads of his victims that were bashed with hammer, before being placed in a Garlic, Cabbage and Onion broth.

Most disturbing of all Ming was making the butchered corpses of his victims into pies. A recipe book left by the killer confirmed that heads and brains were used to make the gravy, while the rest of the corpse was boiled with onions, mushrooms and placed into a pastry that was made on site.


Worse still, the pies were sold for years in multiple Taverns across Previlia; it has also been confirmed that these 'Mystery' pies have being sold and consumed the first and second King’s Faire.


Merciless Ming is due to be sentenced shortly, while authorities investigate rumours that Ming resurrected his victims from their bones, then sent them to work as vendors of the undead.


Char: Merciless Ming
Coordinates: 1557, 1635

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After feasting on some human hearts for supper, a slightly skeletal old chap is trying to get some well deserved rest with his favourite night cap on. As the bell strikes midnight, the evil halloween nightmare is summoned from within the cupboards, along with his army of murderous toy soldiers.

Character: Black Tea
Coordinates: 1187, 637
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VoV Guild Crypt
The crypt has been haunted ever since the undead guild settled into the snowy area near Outpost.
These are the ghosts of their poor victims crying out for justice. However, this guild isn't bothered by haunting spirits.



It takes gallons and gallons of blood to keep their bathing pools filled and fresh.


They have one room where they do all of their butchering, meat grinding and meal prep.


(Note: I think I deserve extra points for this particular dead body we have on display) Haha!





What crypt would be complete without their own giant black widow spider, standing guard outside...
just waiting for the next unwary miner to happen along?? Oh... and their mangy, black, tom cat "Spitz".


Falcon Wanderer

Falcon Wanderer


Haunted? Not Exactly...

This is a tale of landownership gone wrong. As a person looking for a home to call my own I looked high and low for a location to fit my preference. I searched a long while and came to the conclusion that most homes were out of my price range. I settled for this little spot on a island near other homes. The isle itself is quite wild but with others living so close I assumed more safety would exist. I did not care for the small stone place much but I could afford it at least and so I moved in. It was not a bad place to live all things considered, the wildlife actually turned to be quite profitable for my cousin who moved in with me. A time came later when I had decided to renovate the home thanks to the fortune acquired by my cousins daily romps into the jungle. I called in the construction crew to make the repairs and changes only to learn that my foundation of old stone was far too weak to allow for what I wished to do. After a long and trying consultation it was decided that a newer marble construction was the best option for my funds and preferences. It took little time to demolish the old structure and to set the new, it seemed like only hours once it was complete. My cousin and I moved in and began to notice some strange things quite quickly. For one an apparent event occurred on the mainland, some foretold date of doom, we paid it little mind unfortunately. At this same time human body parts began to appear in our home periodically. I came to learn that years ago this was an area quite highly frequented by tribal people. These tribal folk were quite defensive and bloodthirsty types attacking any and all who ventured here. The advent of more people making homes here curtailed the tribal activities rather greatly but did not run them out altogether. After speaking at length with the construction engineer and reading through his paperwork it became clear that this spot where my house was built had been a site of some deep hole used in tribal sacrifices. The hole was apparently filled in and the old house built over it. I also learned that a priest of some sort had blessed the stone the house was constructed of before it was built there. When the house was demolished and my new marble domicile built in place of it the blessing was destroyed along with the old home. It has been my belief since that whatever arcane or pagan activities the tribal folk on the island now engage in, their sacrifices meant for their deities are ending up in my home instead of their hole in the ground. We were quite disgusted and appalled but as the island has no law to govern it we could call on no help. We started out by simply hauling the parts away but this caused untold amounts of creatures to begin loitering in the disposal locations. Soon we had no place to dump the parts and have since gotten accustomed to simply piling them around and avoiding the area if some monster or other stops by to feast. If this curse shall we call it ever is lifted I might go back to enjoying my island home but for now it is no paradise at all I assure you.

Coordinates as above: 2282, 3371 Inferno Island

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Craigs Here


A Haunted Hallows Bash.
by: Fonsie & Missa
char: Blame Fonsie

1136, 924 61° 31'N, 13° 8'W

Unwind with fun times at Fonsies and Missas Haunted Hallows Bash.
All guests must sign in with Mrs. Snugglefuss!

Indulge in the most exotic tricks and treats from across the land.
From pickled eyeballs to murderously delicious cupcakes,
there's guaranteed to be a favorite for the whole family.

Try your hand at our annual Pumpkin Carving Contest (be warned, Missa cheats)
or take a relaxing backseat and bob for apples.

As the night spreads darkness and the spirits awaken,
we will be conducting a seance at 3:00 am.
Giving an ode to all the misfortunate Dungeon Hunters,
a chance to revisit their lost friends and foes.

After all woes are met and the future looms,
turn your fate to the Terror Tarot Table!
Will you dissolve to a dastardly Deadly Poisoned Katana?
Maybe you'll find IDOC riches beyond an 8x8!
Only the cards can tell...

Hesitate not! Come on down and enjoy the festivities Oct 31!

Halloween Contest.jpg



I have themed my two levels of my home - 1784, 2033

Level One is an Ossy Nightmare!
A fragile daemon has emerged from hell bringing all sorts of chaos and spirits with him. To make himself at home he turned my 1st floor into a hellish nightmare!


Level 2 is Drunken Murderous Ghost Rampage
Little did the daemon know that a drunken spirit of a salty pirate escape from hell with him the two things that this spirit craved was taking another soul to replace his own in hell and a drink strong enough to raise the dead. As you can see he accomplished his goal and bloodied up my 2nd floor. (man this is going to take months to clean outa the wood)


Thank you for your consideration!!!
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char: Seth
coords: (1667, 939, 66) 60 12'N, 24 11'E
lore: little timmy was caught up in a llama stampede and was crushed to death. timmy's family converted their home's roof into a demonic summoning ritual space in an attempt to speak to timmy to get his beef stew recipe. timmy made great stew. the llama returned and masacred timmy's family. with noone to care for the home, the wilderness has reclaimed the roof top, as any good wilderness would.


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"Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something g00d to eat..."
Coordinates: 1218, 1961
Name: Ace Ventura
Discord: 'boutfaceAce✪#0276
Live Server

Where people come to get some sweet goodies to eat, and end up getting eatin'.....

Every year, October 31st...they come...and every year more and more go missing. The locals send out search parties, but none are ever found.
Think about it. no really...Think about it.
How many times do we go from house to house each year, carelessly, on Holloween?...Not thinking twice...on what's really going on behind that front door....
One knock could be your last. What does the mind think right before that one last breath?
Are you ready?

3rd floor Holding Room
(Notes from previous victims in each book - Reading this drives them to go insane before their death)


Jail Cell of victims - before the CHOP! (The neighbors can hear the screams)

Guard on Duty with his Wolf

Happy Halloween
or is it?
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Queen Arya

What lies beneath........

A bunch of us rent rooms at the old Cap'n Q's place just over the bridge on the old south Prev road, where we were enjoying a couple tankards of ale and some holiday stories. Now brave enough to ask the creepy caretaker where the Halloween decorations were kept. The caretaker points to the attic with what looked like a smile and a snort and bent fingers with unkempt dirty nails. My thought was, how old is that guy anyway.

bone soldiers3.jpg
bone soldiers2.jpg
bone soldiers.jpg
bone soldiers6.jpg
bonesoldiers vendors.jpg

bone soldiers5.jpg

I no sooner open the attic door and my foot falls through the floor. Quack ( old Cap'n Q's grandson) pry's up the floor boards, frees my foot and pulls out a candle, book and old chest from under the floor. Without hesitation Quack lights the candle hoping to shed more light on the floor. Within seconds we hear a gah aweful screech, the book and chest start to sparkle and glow. The houses foundation shifts and the water in the canal starts to well up along the shoreline behind the house. A ship rises in the very same spot in the canal. Bone soldiers start to pour off the ship and surround the house. Wagons full of coffins being manned by the same bone soldiers roll out of the depressions in the dirt road.

The caretaker whispers....... what have you done........

Coords: 1562 1745
Queen Arya
Discord: Queen#1982
PS: I would like to thank my 3 friends (Grey Beard, Cap'n Q and the energetic rabbit) and my guild mates (CFC) for taking their time to dress up for this photo shoot). Hugs!
The bone soldiers outfits were from the armorer NPC
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