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Haven's Library! We must learn from our history.

Tam approached the Haven Library weary from the day’s adventures, looking up to the large doors he couldn’t help but smile. The renovations and wards had taken some time to complete but they were all very pleased with its current state, so much so that it was now reopened to the public again. He slowly lifted a coin in his right hand holding it out to get a better look at it in the light. The coin bore the impression of the Dark Banner Company and whispered to Tam tales of the past. He grimaced and continued towards the doors, he sensed a storm moving in.


Entering the library, he headed up the stairs into the west wing stretching his hand out over the table of coins. They were held in place with powerful wards, even then they called to him with screams and agony telling the history of these lands. He sought two specific stories, his hand stopped over the sounds of burning buildings, panic and chaos. He reached down and picked up the coin with a bright flash releasing it from its ward. With the protections down he was flooded with sadness and rage, the coin enveloped him with the screams of Andaria burning. Tam was having trouble controlling the emotions as flames appeared to be burning through his skin in places and with a roar, he released a torrent of flame. Casper, the Librarian, shook his head in disapproval. “Sorry", he muttered as he continued his search. The last coin he sought was full of love and sorrow, compared to the rest it whispered to him and as he picked it up he wept. “Queen Klara” he whispered, he did not know the late Queen of Andaria but the coin filled him with love and a devastating loss. He feared if he handled the coin any longer, he could lose the will to live.


He hurried down the stairs looking up to the burning sword that helped protect us from the relics here, the flame lit by a very ancient and since lost candle. The Pathfinders had been busy collecting anything that could help turn the tide and protect Avadon, every legend and rumor was explored at length and gathered in Haven for protection. Books, rare materials like caddellite, weapons, even cutlery, who knowns what could be useful?

He passed through a secret entrance and was greeted by an enraged spirit arms outstretched for his throat! “Relax Earl! Here.” He tossed a gem on the table and a bone to Earl’s Cat. Earl’s real name was much too long and complicated for Tam to remember, but he is a very powerful wizard obsessed with finding the gem of immortality and other ancient artifacts in gemstone form. One day they found him dead in his seat and he refused resurrection… He seemed to be content as long as you bring him gems. Those that don’t often run screaming, shouting about his long dead cat trying to bite their fingers.


He continued down another hidden hall and entered the lore chamber. He set the 3 coins next to a large book and a letter. He sat for a long while, reading the letter while his hand reached out to touch one of the coins. He nodded slowly.


He coughed to clear his throat and lifted his voice. “The History of Andaria! The Kingdom of Andaria is one of the two eldest Kingdoms in all the lands of Avadon.” Behind Tam a low rumble could be heard that sounded a lot like a deep moan. He continued reading late into the night.

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