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Idea: Summoner Content, not so much a buff.

So I wanted to make this short and not too much into detail because I think these ideas should be more so calculated carefully with the summoner community.

Our daemons are the bread and Butter and should stay that way. I love them, you love them. They to me are considered 2 slots each. Lets pretend they are 4/4 slots summoned and every summon is 2 slots.. What I do miss are our other summers. Fire, Earth, Air, Water, HEART. CAPTAIN PLANET!.
Anyways. All other summons are weaker than daemons and that makes a-lot of sense but what if we specialized those summons. A Earth Elemental is a PURE badass tank, does crap damage. Fire Elemental has Best Magery DPS but horrible HP Stats. Water elemental will heal every now and then with only Lesser Heals and moderate hp and magic. Air would be fastest Melle attack damage, some lightning spells and low HP.

This was a quick idea for Summoner Content and by no means would i say, JUST DO IT. Please input your ideas.
Thanks for reading.
Earth eles ARE pure badass tanks. You need to use the right summons for the right situation. Demons aren't the best choice across the board.
I rarely use my daemon, I actually prefer the elementals in many / most cases, at best I may pair one daemon with an elemental. I do concur though I'd like a specific use for each of my summons, due to their abilities because right now, while the earth is a badass tank, it's not THAT much better than a daemon, where the daemon is that much better at DPS than the earth... My favorite combo is an earth/water combo.

I'd also love to see some variety in our summons, maybe tied to one of the aspect suits, where there's a random chance that you get say a lava elemental when summoning a fire elemental, or a poison elemental when summoning an air elemental. These would just be a low chance, so it's more like a wow - surprise, and you get a dps boost from their specials.. There's plenty of mobs that fall into the right categories that could be slotted in.