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Identification of Items

Hi everyone, I am new to the shard, and I was wondering how I would be able to identify unidentified weapons and armour drops without having a character with high item ID skill level? If there is an item for it, where could I obtain it?

Thank you for any time and help, have a wonderful day!


There are item id wands && container id wands. I recommend the latter. Dump all your magic unid items into a container and when it's full use 1 charge of a container ID Wand on it. Then proceed to sort though it.

Alternatively you can break magic items down into arcane essence with any crafting tool via recycle. That is if you don't care about their magic properties. Then type [aspect and consume the essence in the field. This way if you get PK'd or die you don't lose the arcane essence. Note you can't remove essence after adding it to your aspect pool.