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GUIDE Inferno bridge(s) solution

i think its cheese people macro it .. id like to see it feel like a cultural thing we all love like t2a secret words. maybe secret word to enter bridge, smaller pattern and secret to leave . otherwise this cool part is cheesed with macro or screenshot
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I'd just end up re-learning it, but honestly, everyone would just stop using it.. in that same vein, does he change the trigger tile on the boulder in darkmire? or the teleport spots on the dart trap there? Knowledge is power, if people know the path, is it so bad? they still have to be careful crossing, or they get burned.. I over step plenty of times.. Or sometimes forget which bridge I'm on as I've zoned out, and walk them backwards.. Or rush because there's an imp there that I didn't kill, and I'm like o-crap, he just double FS'd me.. Adding mobs to bring pressure to the situation is dirty..