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I know iron generally go for 9gp each, sometimes 8gp each. As for the colors I have no idea. I've honestly never seen anyone selling colored ingots in two months. Potentially all the sales of colored ingots occur over Discord; perhaps asking there will provide better results.
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This is what i'm currently selling at for your reference. These figures probably represent the low end of the market.
Yea, that's really low considering I'm used to seeing:
Iron - 10G
Dull Copper - 10G
Shadow - 12G
Copper - 10/11G
Bronze - 12G
Gold - 70G
Agapite - 200G
Verite - 250G
Valorite - 600G
Avarite - 1000G+

Finally started watching Discord trade chat and those are the typical asking prices I've seen.