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Inside Outlands Podcast


Inside Outlands is a community run podcast for UO: Outlands.

Disclaimer: this podcast is not affiliated with UO Outlands, any developer or staff

Website: http://www.insideoutlands.com/
Our Discord link: https://discord.gg/bv379nH
YouTube playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQYWtHbKenUL0Dt-Ko4z5zOWEcKwtRfKn

Current Episodes:
Episode 1 - stress testing the podcasting (Guest: Fenix) https://insideoutlands.podiant.co/e/36bba5dfef62c8/
Episode 2 - Launch is Here! (Guest: PapaCarl) https://insideoutlands.podiant.co/e/36c0dfc676c58e/
Episode 3 - Lag Busted (Guest: Jaedon) https://insideoutlands.podiant.co/e/36c68e57259186/
Episode 4 - Taming is the Answer (Guest: Stormay) https://insideoutlands.podiant.co/e/36cc12c98bf584/
Episode 5 - Roleplaying in Ultima Online (Guest: Titus) https://insideoutlands.podiant.co/e/36d6ecde304bba/
Episode 6 - Roleplaying in Ultima Online Part 2 (Guest: Sir) https://insideoutlands.podiant.co/e/3722448bdf59e0/
Episode 7 - Backstab Build (Guest: Wes Furtive) https://insideoutlands.podiant.co/e/37296d413a9918/
Episode 8 - ClassicUO (Guest: Karasho) https://insideoutlands.podiant.co/e/372fb00490badc/
Episode 9 - Captain of the Lusty Wench (Guest: Jack Scallywag) https://insideoutlands.podiant.co/e/373451b5d0a728/
Episode 10 - Retrospective on Outlands (Guest: Owyn) https://insideoutlands.podiant.co/e/37385499491d60/
Episode 11 - Hooman talks with Orc (Guest: Ne'rull) https://insideoutlands.podiant.co/e/373c5e135606b6/
Episode 12 - Chilling with Chill (Guest: Chill) https://insideoutlands.podiant.co/e/37454d758911f8/
Episode 13 - Notoriety Griefing (Guest: ChiefSwirlingAir) https://insideoutlands.podiant.co/e/3741eb6cd4c25a/
Episode 14 - Orc Part 2 (Guest: Aya and Kil'gu) https://insideoutlands.podiant.co/e/374f31e8d2344c/
Episode 15 - The Story of HERO (Guest: Akasha) https://insideoutlands.podiant.co/e/37597079be4bfa/
Episode 16 - Herding Dexxers 101 (Guest: Jack Churchill) https://insideoutlands.podiant.co/e/37692462596e1e/
Episode 17 - Crafting/Economy on Outlands (Guest: Kvothe) https://insideoutlands.podiant.co/e/37704872275972/
Episode 18 - PvP with clx (Guest: clx) https://insideoutlands.podiant.co/e/377a8ce1a146f0/
Episode 19 - Luthius, Luthius, Luthius!!! (Guest: Luthius) https://insideoutlands.podiant.co/e/3786ff0861268c/
Episode 20 - PWN At Work (Guest: Smash) https://insideoutlands.podiant.co/e/37ab456f34b1f0/
Episode 21 - PvP Panel Discussion https://insideoutlands.podiant.co/e/pvp-discussion-panel-37b232c652faec/
Episode 22 - Scripting is for the Devil https://insideoutlands.podiant.co/e/scripting-is-for-the-devil-37bd2d618f6830/
Episode 23 - Developer Pipeline with Owyn (Guest: Owyn) https://insideoutlands.podiant.co/e/developer-pipeline-with-owyn-37c8ef49ee2b68/
Episode 24 - Bring on the Events! https://insideoutlands.podiant.co/e/bring-on-the-events-37d8adf32c5792/

You can download and listen through the website, using our RSS feed with any podcast app, iTunes, spotify, google play, and YouTube.
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